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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10] unit 6 [00:03.29]He saw her putting a needle into her arm [00:07.94]A Let's read [00:11.99]Peter's mother has regularly given blood to the Red Cross. [00:17.66]Peter has never been with her to the Red Cross blood donation centre before, [00:23.90]but last week his mother had her six monthly appointment at the centre [00:30.15]and he went with her. [00:33.59]They walked into the waiting-room and Mrs Zhang reported to the reception desk. [00:39.97]Peter sat down and watched the other blood donors sitting quietly in their chairs. [00:46.42]They seemed very calm. [00:49.76]Peter saw the receptionist asking his mother questions [00:55.12]and he watched her writing his mother's replies on her form. [00:59.87]Then his mother came and sat down beside him. [01:04.42]There was a large window beside the reception desk [01:08.78]and Peter could see another room through it. [01:12.62]There were several beds in this room. [01:16.70]Peter could see people lying on the beds. [01:21.14]Some of them had tubes in their arms [01:25.71]and Peter could see blood running down the tubes. [01:30.44]Then a nurse came into the waiting-room and called out his mother's name. [01:36.08]Mrs Zhang went into the other room with her. [01:41.12]Peter watched his mother taking off her coat [01:45.20]and lying down on one of the beds. [01:49.35]Then he saw the nurse putting a needle into her arm. [01:54.70]The needle was attached to a long tube. [01:58.96]At the end of the tube was a plastic bag [02:03.72]Peter could see the nurse's lips moving but he could not hear her speaking. [02:10.06]After a while,the nurse removed the needle [02:14.64]and Mrs Zhang got up and returned to the waiting-room. [02:19.60]She had to wait until the nurse told her to go. [02:24.27]While she was waiting,the receptionist was serving tea and biscuits. [02:30.62]After half an hour,Mrs Zhang and Peter left the building. [02:36.58]Peter was very proud of his mother. [02:41.04]Her blood could save a life. [02:44.57]E Denis Dragon [02:48.62]What can you see,Denis? [02:53.09]I can see a bird flying in the air. [02:57.45]What can you see now,Denis? [03:01.89]I can see lots of children looking at me. [03:06.85]Don't worry,Denis.They're our friends. [03:11.53]We've been together for many years,say 'Hello'. [03:16.81]Hello!Hello! [03:26.37]Words and expressions [03:30.42]regularly [03:31.84]ad.规则地,有规律地;固定地 [03:33.26]blood [03:35.04]n.血 [03:36.82]donation [03:38.14]n.捐赠,赠送;捐赠物 [03:39.45]six-monthly [03:41.43]a.每六月一次的 [03:43.40]appointment [03:45.14]n.约定,约会 [03:46.87]waiting-room [03:48.19]n.候诊室 [03:49.51]reception [03:51.20]n.接待 [03:52.88]reception desk [03:54.95]接待处 [03:57.01]donor [03:58.73]n.供血(或输血)者 [04:00.46]calm [04:02.23]a.静的,平静的;镇静的,沉着的 [04:04.01]receptionist [04:06.05]n.接待员 [04:08.08]several [04:09.91]a.几个,数个(至少三个) [04:11.74]tube [04:13.32]n.管;软管 [04:14.90]attach [04:16.52]v.缚;系;贴 [04:18.14]remove [04:19.74]v.移动;调动 [04:21.33]building [04:22.75]n.建筑物,楼房 [04:24.18]save a life [04:26.21]救一条命 [04:28.25]telescope [04:30.13]n.望远镜 [04:32.01]sail [04:33.84]v.航行 [04:35.67]air [04:37.45]n.空气,大气;空中,天空 [04:39.22]litter [04:41.00]n.& v.废纸;乱扔的东西;乱丢 [04:42.78]shoelace [04:44.70]n.鞋带 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180306/540302.html