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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10]Unit 5 Have you got anything for us to do? [00:06.19]A Let's read [00:10.14]Tom was seriously ill. [00:14.71]He needed more than ten thousand yuan to have an operation. [00:20.77]His father had died. [00:24.53]His mother worked as a street cleaner. [00:28.79]And Tom's brother was still at school. [00:33.04]Their life was not rich. [00:36.81]Tom's mother was worrying about the money for Tom's operation. [00:42.87]Peter heard this. [00:45.74]He told Anne and Sue about it. [00:50.10]"Tom is seriously ill. [00:53.66]He needs a lot of money to have an operation," he said. [00:59.40]"But we haven't got so much money," Sue said. [01:04.68]"We can do jobs for people and ear some money to help him," Anne said. [01:12.12]"That's a good idea. I'll begin from the neighbours," Peter said. [01:19.10]He knocked on a neighbour's door. [01:22.94]"Have you got any jobs for me to do? " he asked Mrs Wang. [01:29.10]"That's very kind of you,Peter,"she said. [01:34.69]"There are some windows for you to clean." [01:38.82]Peter worked hard for over an hour. [01:43.37]He cleaned the windows very well. [01:47.13]His neighbour was pleased. [01:50.68]"Thank you, Peter," she said. [01:54.76]"You're a very good boy. Here's an apple for you to eat." [02:00.50]Peter did jobs for several people in his block of flats. [02:06.38]At the end of the day, he had an apple, two oranges, a cake, [02:13.75]a bottle of Coca-Cola and some old magazines. [02:19.91]He had no money at all. [02:23.46]"I don't think much of your idea," he told Anne that evening. [02:29.34]"I've done jobs for people all day. But I haven't earned any money. " [02:36.79]"Why didn't you ask them for money?" Anne asked. [02:41.83]"I was too shy." Peter said. [02:46.79]"Please come and work with us tomorrow,"Anne said, [02:52.64]"I'm not shy.Let me do all the talking." [02:57.82]The next morning, they went to a restaurant. [03:02.78]"Good morning," Annesaid. [03:06.44]"We're doing jobs to earn money to help our sick classmate. [03:12.31]Have you got anything for us to do?" [03:16.47]The owner of the restaurant had lots of things for them to do. [03:22.63]At the end of the day, they had over one hundred yuan. [03:28.20]Words and expressions [03:32.04]seriosly [03:33.67]严重地,严肃地 [03:35.30]ill [03:36.58]生病的,不健康的 [03:37.86]be seriously ill [03:40.04]生重病 [03:42.22]operation [03:44.21](外科)手术 [03:46.19]die(died,died dying) [03:49.52]死 [03:52.86]works as [03:54.78]从事某种职业 [03:56.70]cleaner [03:58.07]清洁工 [03:59.44]earn [04:00.81]赚得;挣得 [04:02.18]earn some money [04:03.92]赚点钱 [04:05.66]knock on the door [04:07.63]敲门 [04:09.60]knock at the door [04:11.78]敲门 [04:13.96]shy [04:15.40]害羞的,怕羞的 [04:16.84]tidy [04:18.27]使整洁 [04:19.71]cherry [04:21.17]樱桃 [04:22.64]Unit 6 If the weather's fine, I'll see you tomorrow [04:29.40]A Let's read [04:33.06]Sue's uncle owned a small delivery business. [04:39.22]He had a part time job for Sueto do. [04:44.08]She told all her friends about the job and she went to the office on Saturday. [04:51.45]"If you do well,you can work for me every Saturday,"he promisend. [04:57.82]"That's great. What do I have to do?" Sue asked. [05:04.07]"I'm going to go out to deliver some packages, [05:09.11]so there won't be anyone in the office. [05:13.26]You have to take my telephone calls." [05:17.41]"That seems very easy,"Sue said. [05:22.09]"Good,"said her uncle. [05:26.14]"This pad is for you to write my messages on. [05:31.57]If the traffic's okay, I'llbe back at one o'clock." [05:36.72]Sue waved him goodbye. [05:40.19]she was very busy all morning. [05:44.45]The phone rang continually. [05:48.40]She wrote down every message on the message on the message pad [05:53.15]until the pad was full. [05:56.91]At one o'lock,Sue's uncle came back. [06:01.87]He looked at some of the messages and became very angry. [06:07.15]"What does this mean? If the weather's fine,I'll see you tomorrow, Mary . [06:14.31]This message isn't for me. [06:18.25]I don't know a Mary!" [06:21.49]He read another note." [06:24.65]And this message isn't for me, either.' [06:28.81]If we can book the couts, we'll play tennis tomorrow .' [06:34.76]I don't play tennis! [06:38.42]And what's this? ' [06:41.35]Please lend me your homework book.' [06:45.29]I haven't got any homework! [06:48.95]In fact, half of these message don't belong to me!" [06:54.30]What did Sue do wrong? [06:57.78]F A rhyme [07:01.54]If you want to be wealthy,practise economy. [07:06.79]If you want to be healthy,not to be angry. [07:12.35]If you want to be wise, sleep early and rise early. [07:18.70]Words and expressions [07:22.96]deliver [07:24.34]投递;传送(信件、邮包,口信等) [07:25.73]delivery [07:27.40]投递;传送 [07:29.07]part-time [07:30.55]部分时间的,非全日的;兼职的 [07:32.02]a part-time job [07:33.80]一份兼职工作 [07:35.58]pad [07:36.86]便笺薄 [07:38.14]if [07:39.42]如果,假如是否 [07:40.70]package [07:42.13]包裹 [07:43.57]easy [07:44.89]容易的 [07:46.21]okay [07:47.54]对,好.可以,行 [07:48.87]continually [07:50.63]继续地,连续地 [07:52.40]either [07:53.82](用于否定句或否定词组后加强语气)也,而且 [07:55.25]court [07:56.56](网球场等的)球场;庭院;陈列区;法院 [07:57.88]book the court [07:59.56]预定网球场 [08:01.23]severely [08:02.70]严肃地,严格地 [08:04.18]heat [08:05.50]加热 [08:06.82]burn.burned.burnt [08:09.60]烧坏,烧伤;烫伤 [08:12.38]wealthy [08:13.82]富的.富裕的,丰富的 [08:15.26]practise economy [08:17.18]厉行节约 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180306/540299.html