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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10]Unit 7 Close your eyes until I'm ready [00:06.48]A Let's read [00:10.24]The children went to the beach last Sunday. [00:15.91]The tide was out when they arrived. [00:20.35]"The tide is out," Sue said. [00:25.10]"We can't swim. The water is too shallow. [00:30.75]What shall we do until it comes in?"" [00:35.32]Let's have a treasure hunt until we can swim,"Peter said. [00:41.38]"I'll hide something in the sand and give you clues to find it." [00:47.23]The children agreed. [00:50.39]They liked treasure hunts. [00:53.92]"Close your eyes until I'm ready," Peter said. [00:58.59]"I'm going to hide the treasure now. " [01:02.96]Peter had his pocket compass with him. [01:07.21]He made a mark in the sand. [01:10.77]Then he walked ten paces north. [01:15.52]He turned right and walked twenty paces east. [01:21.27]Then he walked ten paces south and twenty paces west. [01:28.35]He dug a hole in the sand and hid the treasure in the hole. [01:33.91]"I'm ready, " he said. [01:37.67]"You can open your eyes now. " [01:41.22]"What are the clues?"Anne asked him. [01:46.50]Peter wrote them down on a piece of paper. [01:50.86]"N10, E20, S10, W20. " [02:00.32]"They're compass directions," she said. [02:05.28]"This will be easy." [02:08.34]"Which way is north? "Sue asked. [02:12.99]Anne pointed at the sun. [02:16.62]"It's ten o'clock in the morning and the sun is there, [02:22.97]so north must be over there," she said. [02:28.43]She pointed towards the north. [02:32.27]Suddenly, she laughed. [02:35.92]"But I'm not going to do any walking. [02:40.99]The treasure is very easy to find. " [02:45.36]And it was. [02:48.31]Do you know why? [02:51.55]F Let's rhyme [02:55.62]I can't make a cake until Mummy buys some flour. [03:01.68]She can't buy any flour until she has some money. [03:08.13]She won't have any money until Daddy comes home. [03:13.31]Daddy won't come home until he shuts his shop. [03:18.77]And when the shop are shut,I can't buy any flour! [03:25.82]Works and expressions [03:30.55]until [03:32.68]直到......才 [03:34.80]tide [03:36.14]潮,潮落;潮水 [03:37.47]The tide is out [03:39.30]潮落 [03:41.13]The tide comes in [03:43.19]涨潮 [03:45.25]shallow [03:46.72]浅的 [03:48.18]clue [03:49.51]线索,暗示 [03:50.84]give a clue on sth [03:53.06]给出......的线索 [03:55.28]tresure [03:56.76]珍宝;财富 [03:58.24]hunt [03:59.56]打猎;搜索 [04:00.88]a treasure hunt [04:02.70]寻宝 [04:04.53]compass [04:05.92]罗盘,指南针 [04:07.30]make a mark [04:08.97]做一个记号 [04:10.64]pace [04:11.92](一)步; [04:13.20]north [04:14.84]北,北方的,向北方 [04:16.47]west [04:18.05]西,西方的,向西方 [04:19.63] direction [04:22.01]方位,方向 [04:24.39]fire station [04:26.00]消防站 [04:27.62]temple [04:28.94]庙宇,寺院 [04:30.26]north-east [04:31.95]东北 [04:33.63]north-west [04:35.41]西北 [04:37.19]heaven [04:38.47]天堂,天国 [04:39.75]not...until [04:41.93]直到......才 [04:44.11]flour [04:45.79]面粉 [04:47.48]Unit 8 Revision [04:51.74]A Sentence pattterns [04:55.86]I'm late,aren't I? [04:59.62]He is late, isn't he? [05:03.67]I was late, wasn't I? [05:08.14]They are early, aren't they? [05:13.18]The train is early, isn't it? [05:18.22]Ken has to do extra sums. [05:22.90]Ken has to go to the dentist. [05:27.34]Ken had to stay up late. [05:31.91]I can do the sums myself. [05:36.17]He can do the sums hiself. [05:40.43]She can do the sums herself. [05:45.29]They can do the sums themselves. [05:50.43]How long have you live here? [05:54.19]How long have you been at this school? [05:59.03]I have lived here since 1990. [06:04.77]I have lived here for ten years. [06:09.92]When did you come here? [06:13.68]When did you visit Australia? [06:18.23]I came here ten years ago . [06:22.48]I visited Australia in 1990. [06:28.05]They have some clothes for me to wash [06:33.33]They have sone clothes for you to wash. [06:39.07]They have some dishes for us to wash. [06:44.82]She statyed indoors until the rain stopped. [06:50.46]He played football until 6 o'clock. [06:55.92]I watched TV until the programme finished. [07:01.88]B Talking [07:05.85](1)Peter and Anne are shopping. [07:10.99]They are looking at some shirts. [07:15.36]I have to buy a new shirt for Sue's party. [07:20.71]What about this red one? [07:24.79]It's pretty, isn't it? [07:28.73]Yes, it is,but it's too colourful for me to wear. [07:34.79]I look better in dark colours. [07:40.07]This green and black one isn't as colourful as the red one. [07:46.23]That's right. [07:49.11]What about this one? [07:52.16]It's different from the green and black one. [07:56.92]It's got the same collar but it's got longer sleeves. [08:03.08]Yes, it's perfect. [08:06.64]I'll buy that one. [08:09.80](2)Anne is waiting for Ken at the underground station. [08:17.55]Why are you late? [08:21.11]I've been here for an hour. [08:24.95]I'm sorry. I've been at the library since four o'clock. [08:31.50]I had to wait until the librarian could help me. [08:36.26]Did the librarian choose a book for you to read? [08:40.99]No, I chose it myself. [08:45.14]Although I'm only nine,I can choose books on my own, Anne. [08:51.62]But you can't reach the top shelves, Ken, so it takes you a long time. [08:58.88]C Story time [09:03.32]The Bird's Three Gifts Many year sago,a king went hunting. [09:10.48]There was a bird in the sky and the king pointed his gun at it. [09:17.04]"Please don't shoot me,"the bird called to him. [09:22.00]"I'm only a young bird. [09:25.37]I can't take care of myself. [09:29.13]Take care of me for three years until I'm fully grown. [09:34.59]You'll be grateful for my friendship." [09:38.64]The king was very surprised."Very well," he said. [09:45.59]"Although you're plump and healthy,I shan't shoot you. [09:50.86]I'll take care of you for three years." [09:55.83]The bird flew down and sat on the king's shoulder. [10:00.79]The king took it home and looked after it. [10:05.34]The bird ate a lot of food,so it was expensive for the king to feed it. [10:11.68]Although it cost the king a lot of money, [10:16.12]he kept his promise to the bird and gave it the best of everything [10:22.89]At last,the three years came to an end. [10:27.54]The bird was now huge. [10:31.98]"You've looked after me for three years," it said. [10:36.94]"Now I'll leave you.Climb on to my back." [10:41.99]The king was very afraid of falling and killing himself. [10:47.26]However,he climbed on to the bird's back. [10:51.81]The bird flew up into the sky and carried the king safely around the world. [10:58.65]While it was flying,it was talking to the king. [11:03.48]It said,"I've made you learn three important lessons. [11:09.83]You've kept your pro--misestome. [11:13.49]You've been generous to me. [11:17.04]Although you're frightened of death, you've climbed on to my back. [11:23.10]Remember these three gifts, [11:27.15]so you can be a good king." [11:30.99]The bird flew down to earth and the king got down from its back. [11:37.16]The king became the wisest and most powerful king in the world because of the bird's teachings. [11:45.80]Words and expressions [11:49.46]programme [11:50.84]节目 [11:52.23]clourful [11:53.65]多色的;艳丽的 [11:55.08]collar [11:56.40]衣领 [11:57.71]gift [11:59.29]礼物 [12:00.88]gun [12:02.31]枪 [12:03.75]take care of [12:05.47]照顾;关心 [12:07.20]fully [12:08.53]完全地 [12:09.86]fully grown [12:11.39](完全)长大 [12:12.92]grateful [12:14.80]感激的 [12:16.68]frindship [12:18.05]友谊 [12:19.42]plump [12:20.75]丰满的 [12:22.09]shoot( shot shot) [12:24.87]射击,射;射杀 [12:27.65]look after [12:29.43]照顾;看管 [12:31.20]keep one's promise [12:33.12]遵守诺言 [12:35.04]safely [12:36.52]安全地 [12:38.00]generous [12:39.43]宽宏大量的;慷慨的 [12:40.87]death [12:42.10]死亡 [12:43.32]powerful [12:44.75]强大的,强有力的 [12:46.17]teachings [12:47.75](常用复数)教导:学说 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180306/540298.html