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Number one: we can fertilize our food. 第一:这能为我们的食物施肥。 Each one of us is pooping and peeing something that could fertilize half or maybe all of our food, depending on our diet. 我们每个人都产生能够肥沃我们一半甚至全部食物的排泄物,具体取决于我们的食谱。 That dark brown poo in the toilet is dark brown because of what? 我们的便便为什么是深棕色的? Dead stuff, bacteria. That's carbon. 因为无机物、细菌。都是碳 And carbon, if we're getting that into the soil, is going to bind to the other minerals and nutrients in there. 如果我们把这些碳弄进土壤里,它们将会与土壤中的其它矿物质、养分结合。 Boom! Healthier food. Voilà! Healthier people. 更加健康的食物。哇啦!更加健康的人们。 Chemical fertilizers by definition don't have carbon in them. 化肥从定义上来讲是不含碳的。 Imagine if we could move our animal manure and our human manure to our soil, 想像假如我们能够把这些生物养分全部放进土壤, we might not need to rely on fossil fuel-based fertilizers, mine minerals from far away. 我们也许就不需要依赖于化石燃料基肥料,或是老远拉来的矿物质了。 Imagine how much energy we could save. 我们会节约多少能量啊。 Now, some of us are concerned about industrial pollutants contaminating this reuse cycle. That can be addressed. 现在,我们其中的一些人也许正担心着工业有害物质污染循环圈。这确实需要被强调。 But we need to separate our discomfort about talking about poo and pee 但是我们需要把因为讨论到排泄物而感到的不适与其区分开来。 so we can calmly talk about how we want to reuse it and what things we don't want to reuse. 只有这样我们才能平静地讨论如何循环利用它们,还有哪些东西我们不希望循环使用。 And get this: if we change our approach to sanitation, we can start to slow down climate change. 还有这个:如果我们改变了卫生设施体系,我们将开始减缓气候变化。 Remember that carbon in the poop? 还记得粪便中的碳吗? If we can get that into our soil bank, it's going to start to absorb carbon dioxide that we put into the air. 如果那笔碳进账土壤银行,它们会帮助吸收我们自己扔进空气中地二氧化碳。 And that could help slow down global warming. 这就会帮助我们减缓全球变暖。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180306/540203.html