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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10] unit 7 [00:02.98]She thought she would never get the job [00:07.84]A Let's read [00:11.99]Linda finished high school last month. [00:16.07]She went to a broadcasting company for a job interview yesterday. [00:21.42]She was a few minutes late. [00:25.36]Mr Wilson,the manager,had left the office when she got there. [00:31.32]His secretary told her he would be back in a little while. [00:36.96]She had to sit down and wait for a few minuets. [00:41.69]She thought she would never get the job. [00:45.17]Just then Mr Wilson came through the door and hurried into his office. [00:51.23]He was short and fat.He had a black moustache and hardly any hair. [00:57.78]The secretary took Linda in and introduced her. [01:02.75]Linda apologize for being late.Mr Wilson did not seem to mind. [01:09.51]They chatted for a few seconds and then got down to business. [01:15.28]He took out her letter of application. [01:19.33]"You've never worked in a radion or television company before,have you?" [01:25.50]he asked. [01:28.66]Several days ago she saw advertised in a local newspaper [01:34.01] a post at the broadcasting company. [01:38.06]Since she is very short of money and wants to do something useful,she applied [01:45.01]But she was afraid that with no working experience [01:49.45]her chances of getting the job were slim. [01:53.92]Now she was quite sure that she would not get the job. [02:00.16]Then Mr Wilson asked her a few more questions. [02:05.73]To her surprise,he seemed impressed with her other qualifications. [02:11.79]She was even more surprised when he said to her with a smile, [02:17.56]"I wonder if you'd mind starting next month. [02:22.11]"Linda said shyly,"But what would my salary be?" [02:27.70]"$5000 a month plus lunch,"answered Mr Wilson. [02:34.15]On Linda's lips there was a broad smile.She got the job after all. [02:41.52]E Denis Dragon [02:44.86]Tim,I have got a job in a company.Oh,how lucky you are! [02:52.23]But I am afraid I won't stay there long.Why? [02:57.79]The manager said he would take off a part of my salary [03:03.43]if I did not wear my identification badage, [03:08.19]and he would fire me if I could not arrive before 7:30 every morning. [03:15.74]Words and expressions [03:25.71]last [03:27.09]v.延续,持续ad.最近过去的,最后的 [03:28.46]broadcasting [03:30.14]n.广播 [03:31.83]interview [03:33.50]n.会见 [03:35.17]a job interview [03:36.91]求职面谈 [03:38.64]Wilson [03:40.17]n.威尔逊(男名) [03:41.70]a little while [03:43.44]一会儿 [03:45.18]secretary [03:47.25]n.秘书;书记 [03:49.33]moustache [03:51.39]n.八字须,小胡子 [03:53.46]hardly [03:55.04]ad.几乎不 [03:56.62]introduce [03:58.24]介绍 [03:59.86]application [04:01.74]n.申请(表) [04:03.62]advertise [04:05.24]v.做广告 [04:06.86]local [04:08.53]a.当地的 [04:10.20]useful [04:11.87]a.有用的 [04:13.54]apply [04:15.06]v.申请 [04:16.57]experience [04:18.40]n.经验 [04:20.23]chance [04:21.76]n.机会 [04:23.29]slim [04:24.75]a.微小的,纤细的 [04:26.21]to one's surprise [04:28.09]出乎某人意料 [04:29.98]impress [04:31.70]v.给...深刻的印象 [04:33.42]qualification [04:35.50]n.资格;合格证明 [04:37.58]shyly [04:39.11]ad.害羞地 [04:40.63]salary [04:42.25]n.工资 [04:43.87]broad [04:45.39]a.宽阔的 [04:46.90]after all [04:48.57]毕竟,终究 [04:50.25]hunter [04:51.72]n.猎人 [04:53.20]graduate [04:54.67]v.毕业 [04:56.15]article [04:58.28]n.文章 [05:00.41]no longer [05:02.08]不再 [05:03.75]identification [05:05.53]n.身份证明 [05:07.30]identification badges [05:09.49]工卡(身份证明牌) [05:11.67]fire [05:13.14]v.解雇 [05:14.62]assure [05:16.20]v.向...保证;担保;使确信 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180305/539984.html