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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10] unit 8 [00:02.90]we would have a comfortable journey [00:07.26]A Let's read [00:11.52]Peter and his family have just come back from a vacation. [00:16.59]He told us a lot about the journey. [00:20.64]On july 20,we went early to Hong Kong International Airport. [00:26.91]It would be the first time for us to take a plane. [00:31.63]The tourist walked slowly across the airfield [00:36.00]where a very big aircraft was waiting for us. [00:40.44]The plane was used for international flights and had four engines. [00:46.21]It would take the tourists to London. [00:50.16]The passengers got into the plane and sat down [00:54.83]We would have a comfortable journey. [00:58.67]We had very good seats. [01:02.64]"Fasten your seatbelts,please,"the hostess said. [01:08.21]My mother was very nervous because she had never been on a plane before. [01:14.55]She turn to the air hostess."Please help me with this belt,"She asked. [01:21.63]"I feel rather nervous.""Don't worry,"the air hostess said. [01:29.21]"These planes are the safest in the world." [01:33.47]Then the hostess went round with a tray of sweets. [01:38.01]She offered a sweet to each of the passengers [01:42.77]and said that it would help one to feel good. [01:47.13]Suddenly,the plane began to shake. [01:52.59]It moved quickly down the runway and slowly climed into the air. [01:58.47]When the plane was in the air,the hostess went to Mum again. [02:03.92]"Didn't the sweet help you to feel good?"she asked."No,"Mum answered. [02:11.00]"But it took my mind off the plane." Father slept all the way. [02:18.27]Mum tried to sleep,but she could not. [02:22.92]She tried to read something, [02:26.57]but she felt sick every time the plane adjusted the height. [02:32.03]My brother and I enjoyed the first part of the journey,but were soon bored. [02:38.90]We played cards for a time and then read magizines. [02:44.47]The air hostess served several meals during the flight. [02:49.72]The flight lasted about eighteen hours. [02:54.16]The plane arrived in London twenty-six hours after it had left Hong Kong. [03:00.51]This was because there is an eighthour time difference between Hong Kong and London [03:06.96]The time is only twelve o'clock midday in Lindon [03:11.92]when it is eight o'clock in the evening in Hong Kong. [03:16.60]We were going to stay in Lndon for a month,and then we would fly back home. [03:22.34]Now I'm back.I hope I can have another chance. [03:28.38]E Denis Dragon [03:32.43]Is the flight on time?Yes,the plane leaves at two thirty. [03:39.09]Is the plane full today?No,there are a lot of empty seats. [03:46.46]What time shall we arrive in Honolulu?We'll arrive at ten thirty,local time. [03:54.79]Is a meal served during the flight?Yes,and you can see a film,too. [04:02.86]Well,let's go to Gate Six.I hope you'll enjoy the flight. [04:16.60]F A rhyme [04:20.55]The south wind brings wet weather,The north wind,wet and cold together. [04:27.70]The west wind always brings us rain.The east wind blows it back again. [04:35.15]Words and expressions [04:38.52]vacation [04:40.24]n.假期 [04:41.97]Hong Kong International Airlport [04:44.24]香港国际机场 [04:46.51]airfield [04:47.79]n.飞机场 [04:49.07]aircraft [04:50.55]n.航行器 [04:52.02]flight [04:53.25]n.航班;飞行 [04:54.48]London [04:55.95]n.伦敦 [04:57.43]passenger [04:58.85]n.乘客 [05:00.28]comfortable [05:01.74]a.舒适的 [05:03.20]fasten [05:04.54]n.扣住 [05:05.87]seat-belt [05:07.54]n.安全带 [05:09.21]nervous [05:10.60]a.紧张的 [05:11.98]hostess [05:13.35]n.空中小姐 [05:14.72]offer [05:16.11]v.提供,表示要 [05:17.49]runway [05:18.97]n.(飞机场的)跑道 [05:20.44]take one's mind off [05:22.21]转移某人的注意力;使不忧虑 [05:23.97]all the way [05:25.55]一路上 [05:27.13]adjust th height [05:28.89]调整高度 [05:30.66]bored [05:32.17]a.令人厌烦的 [05:33.69]serve [05:35.27]v.服务 [05:36.85]midday [05:38.47]n.正午,中午 [05:40.09]hour [05:42.01]n.小时 [05:43.93]pilot [05:45.26]n.飞机员 [05:46.59]Honolulu [05:48.32]n.火奴鲁鲁(即檀香山) 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180305/539983.html