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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10]Unit 9 Although Patsy cannot see,she can read [00:07.08]A Let's read [00:10.92]Anne has a blind friend. [00:15.15]Her name is Patsy Wu. [00:19.51]She is fifteen. [00:22.75]She cannot see at all. [00:27.12]However,she goes to school everyday by bus. [00:32.99]She goes to a special school for blind children. [00:38.35]Although Patsy cannot see,she can read. [00:43.10]She reads braille. [00:46.34]Letters in braille are dots. [00:50.49]Blind people feel the dots with their fingers. [00:55.25]Different arrangements of dots represent different letters. [01:01.20]Although there are many books in braille,there are not any magazines. [01:07.74]Patsy likes TV and Entertainment Times,so Anne reads it to her. [01:15.18]She visits her once a week.Patsy also has some talking books. [01:22.34] Famous actors have read these books into a microphone and recorded them. [01:29.10]People can buy these talking books on cassettes. [01:33.86]However,Patsy's parents are poor and cannot afford to buy her these cassettes. [01:42.22]However,her friends usually give her cassettes for presents [01:47.96]and she plays them on he Walkman. [01:51.73]She can also borrow talking books from the public library [01:58.39]and her school has a good collection. [02:02.64]Although Patsy is blind,she is a happy child. [02:08.42]She never complains. [02:11.89]She has lots of friends and they all help to make her life rich and full. [02:18.74]F A joke [02:23.70]A man jumped out of a plane.He was wearing a parachute. [02:31.35]However,the parachute had holes in it. [02:37.10]Luckly there was a haystack below him. [02:42.35]However,the haystack had a fork in it. [02:48.72]Luckily,the man missed the fork. [02:53.58]However,he also missed the haystack. [02:59.93]Words and expressions [03:05.10]although [03:06.93]conj.尽管,虽然 [03:08.76]Patsy [03:10.48]帕齐(女子名) [03:12.21]however [03:13.63]无论如何;不管怎样;然而 [03:15.06]special [03:16.44]a.特殊的,特别的 [03:17.83]braille [03:19.14]n.布莱叶盲文,点字法 [03:20.46]arrangement [03:22.08]整理,排列;安排,准备 [03:23.70]represent [03:25.18]vt.代表;表示;象征 [03:26.65]entertainment [03:28.39](受)招待娱乐;表演会;文艺节目 [03:30.13]once a week [03:31.85]一周一次 [03:33.58]famous [03:35.04]a.著名的 [03:36.50]actor [03:37.94]n.男表演;行动者 [03:39.38]microphone [03:40.85]n.话筒,麦克风 [03:42.33]record [03:43.70]vt.记录;录(音) [03:45.07]cassette [03:46.44]n.盒式磁带 [03:47.81]afford [03:49.19]担负得起(费用,损失,后果等);买得起 [03:50.56]public [03:52.02]公用的,公共的 [03:53.48]a good collection [03:55.26]大量收集 [03:57.04]make one's life rich and full [03:59.37]使......的生活丰富多彩 [04:01.71]Louis [04:03.08]路易斯(男子名) [04:04.45]invent [04:05.79]v.发明 [04:07.12]code [04:08.44]n.代号,代码,密码 [04:09.76]deaf [04:11.08]a.聋的 [04:12.40]lip [04:13.61]n.嘴唇 [04:14.82]get good marks [04:16.55]获得好成绩 [04:18.27]aid [04:19.59]n.助手;辅助物 [04:20.91]a hearing aid [04:22.49]助听器 [04:24.07]parachute [04:25.50]n.降落伞 [04:26.92]luckily [04:28.36]幸运地 [04:29.79]haystack [04:31.23]n.干草堆 [04:32.67]Unit10 It was raining,so we did not go out [04:39.51]A Let's read [04:43.17]It was raining yesterday,so Anne and Ken did not go out. [04:49.93]Instead they stayed in and decided to make a chocolate cake. [04:56.41]"The cake won't be ready until Mummy comes home from work. [05:01.98]She'll be pleased,"Anne said. [05:06.42]She found flour,eggs,margarine and sugar. [05:12.76]She took them out and put them on the kitchen table. [05:17.81]"There isn't any chocolate,so I'll have to get some," she said. [05:23.97]"I'll run down to the shops." [05:27.81]Anne went out and Ken was on his own. [05:33.98]He wanted to help,so he looked for a mixing bowl. [05:39.44]He found one in the cupboard under the sink. [05:44.01]Then he took a wooden spoon out of the drawer. [05:48.37]"I've watched Mummy make a cake,"he thought,"so I can make one myself. [05:55.74]He poured all the flour in to the bowl and added them margarine. [06:02.21]The margarine was very hard. [06:06.16]He could not mix it into he flour with the spoon,so he used his hands. [06:12.72]He soon had flour all over himself. [06:17.39]Next,he tried to add the eggs. [06:21.94]He did not break them neatly,so he made an egg mess on the table. [06:28.47]He did not want to waste he eggs, [06:32.44]so he scraped them off the table [06:36.59]and put them into the bowl with the flour and margarine. [06:42.23]Then he poured in all the sugar. [06:46.60]He stired and stired the mixture but it was not very smooth. [06:52.76]It was also very hard. [06:56.39]There was not any milk in the refrigerator,so he put in some water. [07:02.84]He put in too much and the mixture was now like yellow paint. [07:09.61]When Anne came back and saw the mess,she was very angry. [07:16.77]Words and expressions [07:20.24]instead [07:21.68]ad.代替,顶替 [07:23.12]margarine [07:24.64]n.(用动物或植物脂肪制成的)人造黄油 [07:26.17]mix [07:27.45]vt.使混合,搀和 [07:28.73]mix sth.into... [07:30.61]用......混入 [07:32.49]mixture [07:33.86]n.混合;混合物 [07:35.24]sink [07:36.56]n.洗条槽 [07:37.87]wooden [07:39.19]a.木制的 [07:40.51]an egg mess [07:42.45]鸡蛋糊 [07:44.38]waste [07:45.70]n.浪费 [07:47.02]scrape [07:48.49]vt.刮;擦 [07:49.97]scrape sth.off [07:51.80]把......擦掉 [07:53.63]smooth [07:55.05]a.(液体,浆糊)调匀的;平滑的,光滑的 [07:56.47]refrigerator [07:58.20]n.冰箱,冷冻机 [07:59.92]properly [08:01.31]适当地;正当地 [08:02.69]stiff [08:04.01]a.硬的 [08:05.33]alarm [08:07.07]n.警报 [08:08.80]an alarm clock [08:10.72]闹钟 [08:12.64]go off [08:14.08]使发声;突然响起 [08:15.52]turn on [08:16.99]打开(电源) [08:18.47]oven [08:19.79]n.烤箱 [08:21.11]rack [08:22.78]n.搁物架 [08:24.45]sandwich [08:26.97]n.三明治,夹心面包片 [08:29.49]a chemist's shop [08:31.11]药店 [08:32.73]fashion [08:34.12]n.式样;时兴;风尚 [08:35.50]paint [08:37.03]n.颜料;油漆 [08:38.56]cough medicine [08:40.39]咳嗽药 [08:42.21]toothpaste [08:43.74]n.牙膏 [08:45.27]a pair of jeans [08:46.99]一条牛仔裤 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180305/539980.html