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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10]Unit11 What's it made of? [00:05.20]A Let's read [00:08.86]Sue liked sewing.She made some of her own clothes. [00:16.80]She showed Anne one of her dresses. [00:21.47]"That's a pretty dress,"Anne said. [00:25.91]She felt the material.It was very soft and smooth. [00:32.18]"What's it made of?" [00:35.84]"It's a mixture of silk and cotton,"Sue said. [00:40.99]"Did you sew it by hand?"Anne asked. [00:45.66]"No,"Sue told her. [00:49.61]"I used my mother's sewing machine." [00:54.05]At this moment, Ken came into the room [00:58.91]"A button has come off my jacket,"he said. [01:03.87]"Will you sew another one on for me,please? [01:08.31]"You must learn to do things for yourself," Anne said. [01:14.06]"Where's the button?" Sue asked. [01:18.81]Ken did not know."I've lost it,"he said. [01:24.77]"What kind of button was it?"Sue asked. [01:29.73]Ken thought for a moment. [01:33.81]Then he said "It's red and it's made of plastics." [01:40.26]Sue found a button in her sewing box and took out a needle and thread." [01:47.21]Sew the button on with these,"she said,giving them to him. [01:54.36]Ken took the button and the needle and thread into the sitting-room. [02:00.53]He sewed on his button carefully. [02:04.50]Then he took his jacket into Sue's bedroom and showed it to the girls [02:11.16]The girls were very surprised. [02:15.11]"That's very neat,"Sue said. [02:19.36]"Well done,Ken."Ken was pleased." [02:24.12]Perhaps I'll be a tailor when I'm older." [02:28.79]Words and expressions [02:32.35]be made of [02:34.07]由......制成 [02:35.79]sill [02:37.39]n.丝;绸 [02:38.98]cotton [02:40.51]棉花 [02:42.04]by hand [02:43.46]用手 [02:44.88]a sewing machine [02:46.57]缝纫机 [02:48.25]moment [02:49.68]一会,片刻 [02:51.10]at this moment [02:52.77]此刻,现在 [02:54.45]come off [02:56.07]从......掉下来 [02:57.68]needle [02:59.06]n.针,缝针 [03:00.43]thread[ [03:01.75]n.线 [03:03.07]belongings [03:04.59]n.所有物;行李 [03:06.12]glass [03:07.45]n.玻璃;玻璃杯 [03:08.79]leather [03:10.16]n.皮革 [03:11.53]bone [03:12.85]n.骨 [03:14.17]muscle [03:15.54]n.肌肉 [03:16.91]bulb [03:18.19]n.电灯泡 [03:19.47]carpet [03:20.95]n.地毯 [03:22.42]Unit12 This was made in Shenzhen [03:28.80]A Let's read [03:32.45]The students in Junior 3 had to write a composition on Shenzhen. [03:39.51]This composition was written by Peter. [03:44.55]SHENZHEN [03:47.60]Shenzhen is a very famous city. [03:52.36]Many people visit it every year. [03:57.22]They come from all over the world. [04:01.58]Many things are made in Shenzhen,especially clothes,drinks and TV sets. [04:10.54]Most of these things are now made in factories, [04:15.50]but some of them were once made in people's homes. [04:20.55]For instance,paper flowers were made by people in their homes many years ago. [04:28.59]Shenzhen is also famous for its food. [04:33.35]Many tourists come here to eat Chinese food. [04:38.10]Different dishes are cooked in different ways by cooks from different parts of China. [04:45.83]I like Cantonese food best. [04:49.96]There are also many interesting places to visit in Shenzhen. [04:56.33]For example,Splendid China,the China Folk Culture Villages, [05:03.18]the Shenzhen Safari Park,Window to the World,Happy alley,Future Times and soon. [05:13.34]Tourists like to visit these places. [05:17.41]We can see many foreign friends there. [05:21.49]They are told about Shenzhen by tour guides. [05:26.45]I'm very proud of our city. [05:30.89]I'm particularly proud to see these words on goods:"Madein Shenzhen". [05:39.67]Words and expressions [05:43.22]composition [05:44.75]n.作文 [05:46.28]come from [05:47.90]来自 [05:49.52]especially [05:50.99]ad.特别地;专门 [05:52.47]instance [05:53.91]n.例子 [05:55.34]for instance [05:56.92]例如 [05:58.50]tourist [05:59.88]n.旅行者,观光者 [06:01.25]dish [06:02.58]n.一道菜;盘,碟 [06:03.91]Cantonese [06:05.37]a.广州的n.广州人;粤语 [06:06.84]Happy Valley [06:08.30]欢乐谷 [06:09.76]Future Times [06:11.40]未来时代 [06:13.03]and so on [06:14.56]等等 [06:16.08]foreign [06:17.46]a.外国的 [06:18.83]tour [06:20.21]n.旅行,观光 [06:21.60]guide [06:23.18]n.导游者,向导 [06:24.76]a tour guide [06:26.38]导游 [06:28.00]particularly [06:29.52]ad.特别,尤其 [06:31.05]goods [06:32.65]ad.货物 [06:34.24]America [06:35.66]n.美国;美洲 [06:37.09]American [06:38.67]a.美国的;美洲的;n.美国人,美洲人 [06:40.25]Indonesia [06:41.76]n.印度尼西亚 [06:43.28]Indonesian [06:45.16]a.印度尼西亚的,n.印度尼西亚人 [06:47.04]Japan [06:48.41]n.日本 [06:49.78]Japanese [06:51.26]日本的n.日本;日本人 [06:52.73]Korea [06:54.17]n.朝鲜 [06:55.61]Korean [06:57.03]a.朝鲜的,n.朝鲜人 [06:58.46]Malaysia [06:59.97]n.马来西亚 [07:01.49]Malaysian [07:03.00]a.马来西亚的,n.马来西亚人 [07:04.52]Philippines [07:06.03]菲律宾 [07:07.55]Filipino [07:09.01]a.菲律宾的,菲律宾人(复数+S) [07:10.47]Singapore [07:12.00]新加坡 [07:13.53]Singaporean [07:15.11]a.新加坡的n.新加坡人 [07:16.69]Thailand [07:18.11]n.泰国 [07:19.54]Thai[tai] [07:20.87]n.泰国人;泰语a.泰国的 [07:22.20]parcel [07:23.57]n.小包,包裹 [07:24.94]maker [07:26.33]n.制作人 [07:27.71]James [07:29.14]m.詹姆斯(男子名) 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180305/539979.html