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Whenever I get to travel for work, 无论何时外出工作, I try to find out where my drinking water comes from, and where my poop and pee go. 我都会尝试弄清我饮用水的来源,还有我排泄物的去处。 This has earned me the nickname "The Poo Princess" in my family, 这让我赢得了“大便女皇”的家庭绰号, and it's ruined many family vacations, because this is not normal. 同时还毁了很多家庭旅行,因为这并不正常。 But thinking about where it all goes is the first step in activating what are actually superpowers in our poop and pee. 但是思考排泄物们都去哪儿了其实是激发它们超级潜能的第一步。 Yeah. And if we use them well, we can live healthier and more beautifully. 是的。而且如果我们好好利用它们,我们可以拥有更加健康而美好的生活。 Check out this landscape in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 这是新墨西哥州圣菲市的自然景观。 Just notice what kinds of words and feelings come to mind. 想想涌入你思绪的是怎样的词汇。 This landscape was watered with treated sewage water. Does that change anything for you? 这样的景观却是用处理过的污水灌溉的。这会影响你的判断吗? I imagine it might. And that's OK. 我像可能会吧,不过没关系。 How we feel about this is going to determine exactly how innovative we can be. 我们对这件事的看法会决定我们究竟能富有多少革新精神。 And I want to explain how it works, but what words do I use? 我想解释一下原理,先想一下我用了什么词? I mean, I can use profane words like "shit" and "piss," and then my grandma won't watch the video. 我想我本可以用很污的词来表达,比如“屎”和“尿”,然后我奶奶就会拒绝看这段视频。 Or I can use childish words like "poo" and "pee." Eh. 或者我也可以用幼稚的词汇,像“粑粑”和“尿尿”。额。 Or I can use scientific words like "excrement" and "feces." Humph. 我也可以用更科学的单词,类似于“尿液”和“粪便” I'll use a mix. It's all I got. 然后我用了混合体。这是我能想到的全部了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180304/539757.html