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In other words, we need to think more modestly and subtly 换言之,我们得更为谦虚和细致地考虑 about when and how we can shape, rather than control, uNPRedictable and complex situations. 何时、怎样塑造而不是控制不可预测的复杂情况 It's a little like the difference between throwing a ball and releasing a bird. 这有点像扔一个球和放飞一只鸟的区别 The ball would head in a straight line, 球可以直接以从上方观察的直线 probably towards the intended target, and the bird certainly would not. 飞向既定的目标,鸟显然不能 So what do you think? Sounds a little impractical, a little theoretical, perhaps? 你们怎么想呢?听起来有点不切实际,有点纯理论化了,是吗? Not at all. Every small entrepreneurial company naturally thinks and acts biologically. Why? 一点也不。每个小型企业都自然而然地生物化地思考和行动。这是为什么呢? Because it lacks the resources to shape its environment through brute force. 因为它们缺少通过自身能力塑造周围环境的条件 It lacks the scale to buffer change, 它没有能够迎接改变的规模 and it's constantly thinking about the tough odds for a start-up to survive. 并且它不断地在思考起步时渺茫的生存机会 Now, the irony is, of course, that every large company started off as a small, entrepreneurial company. 现在,讽刺的是,当然,每一个大型公司都开始于一个小型企业 But along the way somewhere, many have lost this ability to think and act biologically. 但是在发展的某一阶段,许多公司丢失了生物化思考和行动的能力 They need to rejuvenate their ability to think biologically in order to survive and thrive in today's environment. 他们需要重拾生物化思考的能力,以便在今天的环境中存活并繁荣 So let's not just think about short-term performance. 让我们不要再只考虑短期表现吧 Every company I know spends plenty of time thinking about the central question of strategy: 我所知道的每一个公司都花大量的时间思考他们的战略核心: How good is our competitive game? 我们的竞争力还有多少? In addition, let's also consider the second, more biological and equally important question: 除此之外,为什么不考虑第二个更为生物化而且同等重要的问题: How long will that game last? Thank you very much. 我们还能坚持多久?谢谢 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180303/539632.html