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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10] unit 10 Revision [00:03.81]He said he would come at six. [00:09.14]Tom said he would get a new job the next week. [00:14.50]They said they would never go back. [00:18.36]Betty told me she was going to Singapore the next week. [00:23.69]You told us you were not coming to see us. [00:29.75]How I wished I could fly like a bird! [00:33.91]How he wished he could stay with us! [00:37.98]How we wished we would go there! [00:41.74]He said he had had lunch. [00:45.90]He told me he had seen that film. [00:50.26]He didn't know he had lost his way. [00:54.52]I had reached the station before ten o'clock. [00:59.09]The film had already begun when he got to the cinema. [01:04.55]How many English words had you learned by the end of last year? [01:09.88]How long had you lived there before you moved to Shenzhen? [01:15.55]Story time [01:21.19]Yesterday Ken was working with Peter and Sue in the garden. [01:26.75]Sue was good at making things grow. [01:30.51]So Peter said."You have a green thumb,Sue." [01:34.98]Sue was very happy to hear that,she thanked Peter.But Ken was puzzled. [01:41.75]He looked at Sue's thumb carefully and said, [01:46.00]"She doesn't have a green thumb,why did you say that?What do you mean?" [01:52.95]Then Peter told them something about this phrase. [01:57.21]The thumb helps to shape the human hand. [02:01.36]To make things beautiful [02:04.53]you need the thumb to give the hand a freedom and control of movement. [02:09.88]Luckily,the hand only has one thumb. [02:14.95]Two thumbs on the hand would be like having two or more cooks in the kitchen. [02:21.01]They would get in each other's way. [02:24.35]We have some special phrases to express the mastery of the thumb. [02:29.81]There are days when everything you do seems to go wrong. [02:35.17]You cannot get the right shoe on. [02:38.93]You cannot hit the right key when you type. [02:43.08]The hammer misses the nail and hits your finger. [02:47.63]Then you say,"God, I am all thumbs today! " [02:53.58]When one is ruled by another or controlled by him, [02:58.55]we say he is under " that man's thumb. [03:03.61]"A sick man often finds himself [03:07.45]"under the doctor's thumb ". [03:10.82]You might one day find yourself stuck on the road, [03:15.37]far from help,because you are out of gas. [03:19.94]Then you may look down the road and hope a car will soon come, [03:24.67]so that you can"wave your thumb" at the driver to "thumb a ride". [03:31.15]"To give someone the thumbs down" [03:34.99]is often used when a man cannot get the support he wants. [03:40.58]For example, if you have lost the support of your classmates, [03:46.51]they "gave you the thumbs down". [03:50.48]If you are good at making things grow, [03:54.55]then you are said to have a "green thumb". [03:59.28]"Do you understand now?" Peter asked. [04:02.76]"Yes, I'm always under your thumb," Ken answered. [04:08.53]Words and expressions [04:11.77]lose one's way [04:13.30]迷路 [04:14.82]by the end of [04:16.20]到...末 [04:17.57]medal [04:18.86]n.奖牌,奖章 [04:20.15]win a medal [04:21.73]获得一块奖牌 [04:23.31]have a green thumb [04:24.89]擅长园艺 [04:26.48]carefully [04:27.85]n.仔细地,小心地 [04:29.22]phrase [04:30.51]n.短语,词组 [04:31.80]human [04:33.08]a.&n.人的,人类的;人 [04:34.36]freedom [04:35.74]n.自由,自主 [04:37.11]express [04:38.54]v.表达 [04:39.98]mastery [04:41.35]n.掌握 [04:42.72]key [04:44.06]n.键;钥匙;答案 [04:45.39]be all thumb [04:46.86]笨手笨脚 [04:48.34]under sb.'s thumb [04:50.06]完全受人支配 [04:51.79]type [04:52.96]v.打字 [04:54.14]rule [04:55.46]v.管辖;控制 [04:56.78]might [04:58.07]v.aux.可能,也许,可以 [04:59.36]stick(stuck,stuck) [05:02.29]v.& a.使阻塞;不能移动的 [05:05.21]gas [05:06.49]n.汽油 [05:07.77]out of [05:09.07]没有,缺乏 [05:10.36]thumb a ride [05:11.89]竖起姆指表示要搭车 [05:13.42]support [05:14.84]n.& v.支援,支持 [05:16.26]for example [05:17.74]举例来说 [05:19.22]bankrupt [05:20.65]a.破产的 [05:22.09]footprint [05:23.51]n.脚印 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180302/539431.html