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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10]Unit 13 Would you like to play a game? [00:05.88]A Let's read [00:09.53]The Chengs lived next door to Peter's family [00:14.81]They had a small son called Simon. [00:19.25]One day,Mr and Mrs Cheng wanted to go out in the evening, [00:25.63]so they asked Peter and Anne to babysit Simon. [00:31.09]They agreed and arrived at their flat at five o'clock in the afternoon. [00:37.62]Simon was playing with his toys on the floor. [00:42.45]"He won't be any trouble." [00:46.89]Simon was very happy until his parents left [00:52.64]Then he suddenly started crying and shouting. [00:57.70]"Oh,dear,"said Anne and she picked him up. [01:02.96]"Would you like something to eat?" [01:06.82]"Would you like to play with your toy?"asked Peter [01:11.55]and he showed Simon his rubber duck. [01:15.81]"Would you like a drink?"said Anne. [01:20.54]Simon CRIed louder and louder. [01:24.69]"No!I'd rather go swimming," he shouted. [01:30.04]"We can't take you swimming. [01:33.41]Would you like to play a game?" asked Peter. [01:37.96]Simon stopped crying and looked at Peter for a moment. [01:43.42]"No,thank you.I'd rather have a picnic." [01:48.17]Anne and Peter looked at each other [01:52.01]and carried Simon into the kitchen. [01:55.88]Three hours later,Mr and Mrs Cheng came back. [02:01.52]The flat was very quiet. [02:05.28]"Ah,"they said to each other "Simon's asleep." [02:12.44]They went into the kitchen and found Peter and Anne fast asleep. [02:18.68]There was fruit on the floor.The door of the refrigerator was open. [02:25.35]There were biscuits on the table and there was ice-cream on the cupboards. [02:32.01]Simon was pouring a bottle of soy sauce over Anne's head. [02:38.56]"Hello,"he said and he turned to his parents. [02:43.92]"We're playing picnics. Would you like to join us?" [02:48.88]Words and expressions [02:55.75]son [02:57.72]儿子 [02:59.70]babysit [03:01.47](代人临时)照看孩子 [03:03.25]babysat [03:05.73](代人临时)照看孩子 [03:08.21]play with... [03:09.90]玩......东西 [03:11.58]start doing sth. [03:13.65]开始做某事 [03:15.71]would rather do sth. [03:17.73]宁可做...,倒不如... [03:19.76]fast [03:21.14]ad.熟睡地 [03:22.53]fast asleep [03:24.25]熟睡 [03:25.98]fruit [03:27.36]n.水果 [03:28.74]soy sauce [03:30.36]n.酱油 [03:31.98]turn to [03:33.46]转向 [03:34.94]go fishing [03:36.67]去钓鱼 [03:38.41]finish [03:39.94]v.结束,完成 [03:41.47]break rolls [03:43.05]面包卷 [03:44.63]Unit 14 Would you mind giving me your napkin? [03:52.78] A Let's read [03:56.56]Last week,Peter went to a wedding with his family. [04:02.21]His cousin, Nancy,was marrying a young man called Eddie. [04:08.69]The wedding was held at a church in HongKong. [04:13.34]After the wedding,everyone went to a restaurant for the wedding banquet. [04:19.71]The banquet began at eight o'clock. [04:23.86]The waiters brought out the suckling pigs on large trays and everyone began to eat [04:32.20]Peter was eating his first course when someone touched him on the shoulder. [04:38.54]"Excuse me,"said avoice from behind Peter. [04:43.59]"Would you mind passing me your napkin . [04:47.45]Peter turned round and gave his napkin to the young boy at the table behind him. [04:54.50]During the next course, Peter heard the boy's voice again. [05:00.67]He was talking to a girl at another table. [05:04.93]"Excuse me.Would you mind giving me your napkin,please?"he asked politely. [05:12.37]"No,not at all," replied the girl and she gave her napkin to the boy. [05:20.73]A few minutes later, the boy spoke to Peter's mother. [05:25.98]"Would you mind lending me a napkin from your table?"asked the boy. [05:31.83]"No,of course not," replied Peter's mother [05:38.31]After the shark's fin soup,the bride's father stood up and made a speech. [05:45.26]When he was speaking,Peter turned round to look at the boy behind him. [05:51.43]The boy was folding the paper napkins into beautiful shapes. [05:57.07]There was a collection of little paper flowers in front of him on the table. [06:03.02]Each paper napkin was now a pretty flower. [06:08.07]The boy was making a bunch of paper flowers for the bride. [06:13.63]Words and expressions [06:17.60]Would you mind doing...? [06:19.32]做...你不介意吧? [06:21.05]wedding [06:22.43]n.婚礼;结婚 [06:23.82]Nancy [06:25.25]南希(女子名) [06:26.69]Eddie [06:28.01]埃迪(男子名) [06:29.33]banquet [06:30.95]n.宴会 [06:32.57]a wedding banquet [06:34.31]婚宴 [06:36.04]bring [06:37.32]带来 [06:38.60]brought [06:40.64]带来 [06:42.68]suckling [06:44.05]n.婴儿;乳兽,幼兽 [06:45.42]a suckling pig [06:47.00]乳猪 [06:48.58]tray [06:49.86]n.托盘;碟 [06:51.14]napkin [06:52.72]n.餐巾 [06:54.30]during [06:55.62]prep.在..期间 [06:56.94]not at all [06:58.42]没关系;别客气 [06:59.89]fin [07:01.21]n.翅(片) [07:02.53]shark's fins [07:04.31](鲨)鱼翅 [07:06.08]bride [07:07.47]n.新娘 [07:08.85]speech [07:10.32]n.演说;发言 [07:11.78]make a speech [07:13.54]作报告 [07:15.30]a collection of [07:16.99]收集 [07:18.67]switch [07:20.05]n.开关;电闸vt.接通...的电流 [07:21.42]switch on [07:23.05]开(电灯等) [07:24.68]fan [07:26.00]n.风扇 [07:27.32]fountain [07:28.85]n.泉水 [07:30.38]a fountain pen [07:32.00]自来水笔 [07:33.62]patiently [07:35.55]ad.耐心地 [07:37.48]fried [07:39.06]a.油煎的 [07:40.64]chef [07:42.01]n.[法]厨师 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180302/539429.html