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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10]Unit15 Revision [00:04.41]A Sentence patterns [00:08.67]It was raining,so we stayed at home. [00:13.64]We were tired,so we couldnot play sport. [00:19.59]We did not feel well,so we did not go out. [00:25.44]Although he is rich,he works very hard. [00:31.22]Although he is old,he works very hard. [00:36.68]Although the sum is difficult,I can do it. [00:42.24]If you touch the hot water you will hurt yourself. [00:47.88]If you touch the broken glass,you will hurt yourself. [00:54.36]This coat is made of wool. [00:58.72]This coat is made of cotton. [01:03.69]This coat is made of silk. [01:08.52]This camera was made in Shenzhen. [01:13.48]This camera was made in Shanghai. [01:18.45]This camera was made in Beijing. [01:23.59]We were told about this by the man. [01:28.95]This vase was made by the Chinese. [01:34.30]Would you like an orange? [01:38.14]Would you like to play cards? [01:42.01]I would rather have an apple. [01:46.06]I would rather go to the cinema. [01:50.52]Would you mind passing me the salt? [01:54.89]Would you mind doing the washing-up,please? [01:59.64]Would you mind carrying this package,please? [02:05.00]B Talking [02:08.44]Anne and Sueare talking to each other on the phone. [02:14.11]Would you like to go to the cinema tomorrow I'd rather go skating [02:20.46]I haven't got any skates. [02:24.22]If I can borrow yours,I'll go skating with you. [02:29.58]Why don't you rent a pair at the skating rink? [02:34.44]They've got some for fifty yuan. [02:38.80]They're made of real leather and they were made in Harbin. [02:44.47]Therefore,they must be good. [02:48.59]I was told about them by the owner of the skating rink. [02:54.16]Fifty yuan.That's rather expensive. [02:59.12]Well,you can either rent expensive ones or cheap ones. [03:05.78]C Story time [03:10.15]The Magic Spring Once upon a time,there was an old Japanese farmer [03:18.50]Yoshida and his elderly wife,Fumi. [03:24.25]One day,Yoshida was digging a hole in his field with a large spade [03:31.91]Suddenly,the hole began to fill with water. [03:37.08]"I've found a spring,"he thought,and tasted the water. [03:43.32]It tasted very good,so he drank quite a lot. [03:48.78]Although Yoshida had a well,the water in it was not very good. [03:55.76]The water in the new well was pure and sweet. [04:01.08]After a few minutes,Yoshida began to feel younger. [04:06.65]Half an hour after drinking the water, [04:10.91]He felt and looked like a young man again. [04:15.63]"Before I drank the water,I was old,"he thought. [04:21.88]"Now I'm young,therefore,I was made young again by the water." [04:29.24]He ran home to tell Fumi. [04:33.08]"Would you like to be young again? [04:36.56]If you'd like to,drink the water from our field,"he said excitedly [04:44.13]Immediately she ran off to the field. [04:48.50]How wonderful it will be," [04:52.15]Yoshida thought,"when Fumi is made young again! [04:57.72]"He waited patiently for her to return."Many hours passed. [05:04.48]Fumi did not return,so he decided to go and find her. [05:10.73]When he arrived at the spring,he could not see anyone [05:15.77]although Fumi's clothes were on the ground. [05:20.31]Then he heard a baby's cry. [05:24.18]He looked around and saw a tiny baby inside Fumi's clothes. [05:30.71]It was Fumi."Oh!"Yoshida thought.It was Fumi."Oh!"Yoshida thought [05:36.27]"She has drunk too much of the water."Poor Yoshida. [05:42.44]He did not have either an old wife or a young woman. [05:48.60]Instead,he had a baby. [05:52.68]Words and expressions [05:56.23]camera [05:57.66]照相机 [05:59.08]salt [06:00.52]盐 [06:01.95]washing-up [06:03.27]餐后洗碗盘、刀叉的工作 [06:04.59]Harbin [06:06.03]哈尔滨(地名) [06:07.46]sping [06:08.84]泉水;春,春天 [06:10.21]Yoshida [06:11.67]由希达(日本男子名) [06:13.13]elderly [06:14.47]上了年纪的,年长的 [06:15.80] Fumi [06:17.17]福米(女子名) [06:18.54]spade\ [06:19.92]铲 [06:21.31]fill [06:22.63]用......装满 [06:23.95]fill...with... [06:25.38]装满了......,充满了..... [06:26.82]taste [06:28.19]尝起来,吃起来 [06:29.56]well [06:30.84]井 [06:32.12]pure [06:33.46]纯的 [06:34.79]run off [06:36.25]使......(液体)流走 [06:37.71]cry [06:38.99](幼儿的)哭声;呼喊声;(鸟兽的)叫声 [06:40.27]tiny [06:41.70]极小的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180302/539427.html