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阅读经典书本的好处 The Advantages of Reading Classic Books

When we are very small, our parents have started to develop our interest to read novels. It is important to read more books, because people always say that there are priceless treasure in the books, if we can find. The classic books are necessary to read, because they show us a lot of knowledge. 在我们很小的时候,我们的父母就开始培养我们看小说的兴趣。多看书是很重要的,因为人们总是说有书中自由黄金屋,如果我们能发现的话。经典书籍是必要的读物,因为它们让我们了解很多知识。 On the one hand, we can broaden our vision and enrich our minds. Classic books provide us profound ideas, showing us the right attitude toward life. The common idea of classic novels are to desCRIbe the growth of protagonists. After reading the books, we know that we must be strong when we meet difficulties. The key to success is never give up. 一方面,我们可以扩大我们的视野,丰富我们的思想。经典书籍给我们展示了深远的思想,指明了正确的生活态度。经典小说的共同主题是描述主人公的成长。看完这些书,我们知道在遇到的困难的时候,我们要坚强。成功的关键是永不放弃。 On the other hand, we can improve our expressive skill. When writing article, we are so annoyed by the structure and the vocabulary. We can follow the structure and the good words of classic novels, so as to beautify our article. The good reading skill is important. It shows our personality. A person who owns the good writing skill is easy favored by others. 另一方面,我们可以提高我们的表达能力。写文章的时候,我们会为了结构和词汇感而烦恼。我们可以模仿经典小说的结构以及其丰富的词汇,来美化我们的文章。良好的阅读能力是很重要的,它展示了我们的个性。一个人拥有优秀写作技能的人是很容易受到别人的喜爱的。来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180225/The-Advantages-of-Reading-Classic-Books.html