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保护私人信息 Protect Private Information

Nowadays, with the popularity of Internet social software, many people like to post their daily schedules on the Internet, especially the teenagers, they want to catch more people’s attention. As the face to face talk is no longer the main way to make friends for the young generation, they get to know a person by being friends online, and then keep trace with the former information, then more private information will be found. As the exposure of privacy has been more serious and many teenagers haven’t realized the danger. Once the news reported a man kidnapped a girl by getting the information from her account. The girl liked to share her daily information, so the CRIminal guy got her schedule easily. This attacking incident happens all the time. We should learn to protect our private information. Never post the real details online.   如今,随着互联网社交软件的普及,许多人都喜欢把自己的日常时间表发在互联网上,尤其是青少年,因为他们想吸引更多人的关注。面对面的交流不再是年轻一代交朋友的主要途径了,他们通过互联网与陌生人成为朋友,然后搜索他以前发布的信息来追踪了解一个人,之后会发现更多的私人信息。由于隐私的暴露越来越严重,许多青少年还没有意识因此而带来的危险。曾经一新闻报道了一个男人绑架了一个女孩。他从她的账号获取信息。女孩喜欢分享她的日常信息,因此,犯罪人很轻易就了解到她的日程。这种攻击事件时常发生,我们应该学会保护我们的私人信息。不要在网上公布真实的细节。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180225/Protect-Private-Information.html