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汉语风靡全世界 Chinese Language Is Popular Around the World

In China, English is the necessary subject for students to learn. Many students complain about the difficulty to learn second language, while comparing with the foreigners learning Chinese, English is much easier for us to master. As China’s economy plays more important role in the world economy, Russian government has planned to make Chinese language as one of the necessary exams for students to take by the year of 2020. Besides, there are so many foreigners crazy about learning our language and in search of our culture. If we master English and Chinese, then we will have great advantages over others. The important role of Chinese language reflects the great power of our nation.  在中国,英语是学生的必修科目。许多学生抱怨学习第二语言很困难,但是与外国人学习中文相比,英语更容易掌握。随着中国经济在世界经济中扮演的角色越来越重要,俄罗斯政府已计划在2020年对学生进行必要的中文考试。除此之外,有很多外国人喜欢学习我们的语言、探索我们的文化。如果我们掌握英语和中文,那么我们将会有很大的优势。中国语言的重要性反映了我们国家的雄厚力量。来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180225/Chinese-Language-Is-Popular-Around-the-World.html