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我最喜爱的卡通人物 My Favorite Cartoon Character

Since I was very small, I started to watch a lot of classic Disney cartoon movies. The familiar names of Snow White, Peter Pan and others are just like my friends. I admire the heroes of these characters, because they show me the courage to defeat difficulties. Among all kinds of heroes, I like Belle the most. 在我非常小的时候,我就开始看了很多经典的迪士尼卡通电影。那些熟悉的名字如白雪公主,彼得潘等就像我的朋友一样。我钦佩这些英雄人物,他们给了我战胜困难的勇气。在各种各样的英雄中,我最喜欢的是贝儿。 In the cartoon movie Beauty and the Beast, Belle is a different girl. She is smart and dare to against the traditional ideas. People around her regard a girl’s value is to marry a man and then takes care of the house chores. Even the ability to read books is believed to be unacceptable. But Belle is a brave girl. She likes reading and she has her own thoughts. 在电影《美女与野兽》中,贝儿是一个与众不同的女孩。她很聪明,敢于与传统观念做斗争。她周围的人都认为女孩的价值就是结婚,然后照料家务。所以连读书也被认为是不可取的。但是贝儿是一个勇敢的女孩,她喜欢阅读,有着自己的思想。 The most impressive feature of Belle is that she is not like other heroines, who are waiting for the prince’s rescue. Belle saves the prince and changes the world. She is the new type of woman, showing the power of female. I see the power in her and believe that every girl can make a difference.   贝儿最令人印象深刻的特征是她并不像其他的女主角一样等待王子的拯救。贝儿反而是救了王子,改变了世界。她是新时代女性,展示了女性的力量。我看到了她身上的力量,相信每个女孩都可以与众不同。来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180224/My-Favorite-Cartoon-Character.html