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里昂夜读美文 第175期:梦中梦

Take this kiss upon the brow 不能再吻你的额头 And, in parting from you now 到了再见的时候 Thus much let me avow 我不得不说 You are not wrong, who deem that my days have been a dream 你是对的,我的生活不过是一场梦 Yet if hope has flown away 但是,如果希望已经飞走 In a night, or in a day 无论在夜里,或在白天 In a vision, or in none 无论在幻想,或在虚无中 Is it therefore the less gone 那么它是否会因此留下一些呢 All that we see or seem 我们所看到、所感受的一切 Is but a dream within a dream 不过是一场梦中的梦 I stand amid the roar of a surf-tormented shore 我站在怒涛彭湃的海岸边 And I hold within my hand grains of the golden sand 我的手中攥着金黄的沙粒 How few! 留不住啊! Yet how they creep through my fingers to the deep 它们快速地穿过我的手指而去 While I weep--while I weep 我哭了-我哭了 O God! Can I not grasp them with a tighter clasp 哦,上帝!为什么我不能牢牢地抓住它们 O God! Can I not save one from the pitiless wave 哦,上帝!为什么我不能从这无情的波涛中救出一个 Is all that we see or seem 难道我们所看到、所感受的一切 But a dream within a dream 不过是一场梦中的梦 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180218/537769.html