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当我们生气了 When We Get Angry

How to control emotion is always the tough question to be solved. When people are angry, it is easy for them to lose control and speak ill words to others, even to the ones that they love. Impulse brings endless regret. When they clear their minds, they feel so sorry to bring hurt to the ones they love. Friendship and family love are under threatened. For the one who is a moody person, he may lose them both. It is not a wise choice to release emotion when we are angry. The better choice is to walk away and keep silent, no matter how much we want to shout at others, cause we will be regretful for what we say. When we calm down, the problem seems not that serious. We feel lucky not to do the impulsive behavior.  控制情绪是一个很难解决的问题。当人们感到愤怒时,他们很容易失去控制,说别人的坏话,甚至伤害了他们所爱的人。冲动带来无尽的悔恨,当他们冷静下来时,他们就会感到很抱歉,因为他们给所爱的人带来了伤害。友谊和亲情都受到了威胁,因为对于一个喜怒无常的人来说,他可能会失去他们。在我们生气的时候这不是释放情绪的正确方法。更好的方法应该是先走开,保持沉默。无论我们多么想对别人大喊大叫,都不要说,因为我们说了就会遗憾。当我们冷静下来时,回头看问题就觉得也没有那么严重,我们会为了自己没有做出冲动的决定而感到幸运。来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/When-We-Get-Angry.html