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健康的生活方式 The Healthy Lifestyle

Nowadays, with the development of technology, many young people stay indoors and play computer all the time. Especially for those who stay up very late or go out to play for fun until midnight, then they wake up at noon the next day. This is the unhealthy lifestyle, and they need to make some changes. 如今,随着科技的发展,很多年轻人都喜欢呆在室内玩电脑。尤其是那些熬夜到很晚或者出去玩到午夜才回来,然后第二天中午才睡醒。这是不健康的生活方式,他们需要改变。 First, having regular break time and enough sleep is the basic way to keep healthy. Some young people hang out for fun after work. They need to release their pressure and have fun with their friends. They go home very late and then next day get up, preparing to work. In the long run, they not only have low efficiency, but also damage their bodies. 首先,有规律的休息和充足的睡眠是保持健康的基本方法。一些年轻人下班后出去找乐子,需要释放压力,和朋友们玩得开心。之后回家很晚,第二天又早早起床,准备工作。从长期来看,他们不仅会导致效率低,还伤害了自己的身体。 Second, keep the balanced diet. Most people are picky about food. They only choose the food they like and lose the balance of nutrition. For most kids, they like to have meat and refuse of the vegetables and fruit. It is not good for the growth of their bodies.  第二,保持均衡饮食。大多数人都对食物挑剔,他们只吃喜欢的东西,营养不均衡。对于大多数孩子来说,他们喜欢吃肉类和蔬菜,不喜欢吃水果。这是不利于他们长身体。 The healthy lifestyle helps people live the harmonious life. Besides having enough sleep and keeping balance diet, taking exercise is also in need.  健康的生活方式能让人们生活和谐。除了拥有足够的睡眠和保持均衡饮食,锻炼也是很有必要的。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/The-Healthy-Lifestyle.html