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得州午夜(Midnight Texas) 第01季 第01集 第16期

海塔尔 你好 Hello? 我知道你在得州 I know you're in Texas. 你之前在达拉斯 You were in Dallas. 就快找到你了 I'm getting closer. 我去你房子找你了 但是... I stopped by your house, but... 是 苍蝇太多 虫子什么的 Uh, yeah, lot of flies, bugs. 要是决定留下来我会跟博博谈的 I'll talk to Bobo if I decide to stay. 我只是想为之前的事道歉 Well, I just wanted to apologize for before. 我爸爸很多事 我不想和他吵架 My dad's weird and I didn't want to get into a thing with him, 所以如果显得冷漠 是为这个 so if I was cold to you, that's why. 没事 不用道歉 我不介意 Yeah, no apology necessary. We're good. 那就好 不介意就好 Oh, good. I'm glad we're good. 你都大老远的来了 Uh, well, since you came all this way, 进来喝杯啤酒吧 you want to have a beer? 可以吧 I guess, yeah. 我得承认 这地方完全超乎我的想象 I gotta admit, this place is nothing like I thought. 是啊 独一无二 Yeah, it's its own thing. -倒是写故事的好素材 -故事 - Makes for good stories, though. - Stories? -你是作家吗 -我是写文章 但不是 - You a writer? - I write, but no. 我不是作家 I'm not a writer. 总有一天我会重回学校 Someday, I'll go back to school. 一旦康纳离开的话 Once Connor's out of the house 因为我一个人实在对付不了我爸 'cause my dad would be real tough solo. 是啊 你肯定不容易 Yeah, that, uh, can't be easy for you. 他也并非从来如此 He wasn't always like that. 妈妈死后他才变了 所以我们才住这里 After Mom died, he changed. It's why we're here. 他不想住在留着她痕迹的地方 He didn't want to live anywhere that reminded him of her. 在戴维镇上高中烂透了 Going to high school in Davy sucked. 大家都当我是和疯子住一起的女生 I was known as the chick who lived with freaks. 好吧 Okay, fine. 虽然也差不多如此了 但是无所谓了 Not that far off. Doesn't matter. 住了这么久 他们都是家人了 After all this time, they're family.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/Midnight-Texas-01-01-16.html