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得州午夜(Midnight Texas) 第01季 第01集 第15期

或许你可以活着见到明天的太阳 maybe you live to see sunrise. 我认为你没有搞清状况 I think you misjudged the situation. 怎样我都不在乎 I don't care either way. 我没要你帮忙 兄弟 I didn't ask for your help, man. 这已经不是你一个人的事了 Well, this isn't just about you anymore. 奥布雷不值得我们为她而死 Aubrey is not worth dying for. 你回家吧 本身也该我值夜班了 Now you go on home. It's my shift anyway. 不客气 You're welcome. -他交给你处理行吗 -当然 - Can you deal with that? - Sure. 老实交代 I need a word. 我现在给你你给我朋友的提议 I'm gonna make you the same offer you gave my friend. 你说出是谁派你来的 If you tell me who sent you, 那你就可以活着见到明天的太阳 then you get to live to see the sunrise. 你想要战争 老伙计 那就开战 You want a war, old man, you got one. 上帝原谅你 但撒旦之子不会 God forgives. The Sons of Lucifer don't. 我的兄弟们会来这里 My brothers are gonna come through 把这鬼地方里夷为平地 and burn this damn place to the ground. 天很晚了 It's getting late. 你是看不到日出 No sunrise for you, 但我可以有顿热乎饭了 but a warm dinner for me. 你这是碰上什么了 What in the world happened to you? 我是希望能讲个酷炫的故事 I wish I had some sexy story to tell. 但只是碰上了 箱子和个很高的架子 It's just, uh... me, a box, and a high shelf. 看起来这箱子不轻啊 Uh, a heavy box, apparently. 没错 Very. 野餐之后就没见过你了 Haven't seen you since the picnic. 你 还好吧 You, uh, you okay? 一直在脑海里挥之不去 I can't stop thinking about it. 就要这些吗 That be all for you today? 是的 Uh...yep. 休息一下吧 宝贝 Take a break, honey. 好的 谢谢 爸爸 Great. Thanks, Dad. 你跟她说什么呢 What were you talking to her about? 闲谈而已 Being...neighborly. 开开玩笑 Pleasantries. 最好只是如此 That better be all. 一共十二块五 That'll be $12.50.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/Midnight-Texas-01-01-15.html