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BBC地平线 火星旅行者指南(Mars-A Traveller's Guide) 第09期

由一位巨人外科医生拿着手术刀 it's like someone's taken a giant surgeon with a scalpel 划开一个口子 打开了火星的地壳 and made an incision and opened up the crust of the planet, 让你看到里面更深处的样子 allowing you to see deeper down 地质上的更深处意味着更久远的历史 and deeper down in geology is further back in history. 正是火星内部的这些景观 It's this view inside the planet 深深吸引着赖斯博士 that is the big draw for Dr Rice. 但对于我们大多数人来说 But for most of us, 单是这宏伟的规模就有足够吸引力了 the epic scale alone would be enticing enough. 该峡谷的长度是科罗拉多大峡谷的十倍 Now, that canyon is ten times longer than the Grand Canyon here. 深度是它的四倍 宽度是它的十二倍 It's four times deeper and about 12 times wider. 换个角度来想 Another way to think about it is the vast expanse of this canyon, 它的长度相当于从纽约到洛杉矶的距离 the length of it, would be from New York City to Los Angeles, 称得上是太阳系的大峡谷 so that truly is the Grand Canyon of the Solar System. 火星奥德赛轨道飞行器 2002年2月至2005年11月 水手谷对所有火星来访者 Valles Marineris would provide the ultimate draw 都具有终极吸引力 for any Martian visitor. 但它吸引人的不只是其景色 But it's not just the views that are attractive. 深入探索水手谷 Touching down inside Valles Marineris 火星快车 2004年5月28日 会帮我们解答一个长久以来 could help answer long-held questions 关于峡谷形成的问题 about the chasm's formation. 像这样在轨道上拍摄的图片 Images like this, taken from orbit, 会提供给我们一些其历史成因的线索 give us some clues to its history. 一种说法是古老的火山爆发 One theory is that ancient volcanoes 撕裂了火星的表面 ripped apart the surface, 形成了裂缝 creating a rift 水流持续冲刷侵蚀裂缝 that running water continued to carve. 但只有着陆在那里 But it's only by landing there 我们才能搜集到决定性的证据 we can gather the conclusive proof. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/Mars-A-Travellers-Guide-9.html