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大群(Legion) 第01季 第01集 第16期

我疯了 你个蠢货 I'm insane, you idiot. 这都是我的幻觉 This is my delusion. 并不真实 It's not real. 别装傻充愣了 Stop screwing around. 那女孩在哪儿 Where's the girl? 什么女孩 What girl? 别耍小聪明 大卫 Don't be clever, David. 我们知道你是谁 We know who you are. 我们知道他们去医院找她 以为她是你 We know they came for her at the hospital thinking she was you. 不 是你把她从医院带走的 No, you took her at the hospital. 你当时在场 You were there. 不 大卫 事情真相已经很清楚 No, David. It's clear now what happened. 他们来找你 却不小心抓了她 They came for you but got her by accident, 而我们抓到了你 但我们也想要她 And we've got you, but we want her too. 老实告诉我 否则... So just tell me or... 她不见了 She was gone. 我去找过她 I went looking for her. 但她不见了 She was gone. 你好 我想找一位患者 Yeah, I'm... Looking for a patient. 希德妮·巴雷特 Sydney Barrett. 不 我是她父亲 No, I'm her father. 麦克斯 Max. 莫尔信托储蓄银行 等等 你说什么 Hold on. What? -怎么... -左转 - Well, how-- - Take a left. 你们怎么会没有她的记录 How can you have no-- no record of her? 她叫小希·巴雷特 She was--Syd Barrett-- 我 我... I--well, how-- 我去看过她 I visited her. 不要停下来 Don't stop. 我说了不要停下来 I said don't stop. 等等 Wait. 你是怎么... How did you-- 我一直在找你 但是没人告诉我 I've been looking, and no one would tell me-- 小希 我不明白 Syd, I don't understand. 我变成了你 I was you. 怎么可能... 我们接了吻... Did that really--we kiss-- 我是个疯子 但是这也太... And, I mean, I know I'm crazy, but that felt really-- 大卫 别慌 我其实不在这里 David, hush. I'm not really here. 什么意思 你还能在哪儿 What do you mean? Where else would you be? 这是你给医院打电话那天的记忆 This is your memory of the day you called the hospital,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/Legion-01-01-16.html