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大群(Legion) 第01季 第01集 第15期

不 没关系 No, it's cool. 没关系 It's cool. 要不然我怎么办... What was I gonna-- 下半辈子 Spend the rest of my life 都靠吞小杯子里的药丸活着吗 popping pills from a little cup? 别担心我 Don't worry about me. 有麻烦的是你 It's you that's got problems. 他们要来找你了 宝贝 They're coming for you, babe. 谁 Who? 他们知道医院的事了 They know about the hospital. 知道你干了什么 What you did. 我没有 I didn't. 她是你的时候干的事 What she did when she was you, 用你的能力 had your powers. 他们来了 他们会杀了你 They're coming, and they're gonna kill you. -不不不 -没错 - No, no, no. - Yeah. 不不不 No. No. No. No. 他们来了 They are. 不 只是因为我的药 这不是真的 No, this is just my pill. This is not real. 这...我跟他说了 不要给我断药 It's--I told him, don't cut my meds. 我只是... I'm just... 不 Ah, no. 大卫 David? -你没事吧 -没事没事 - Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 对不起 我只是...我弄碎了台灯 Sorry, I just--I just-- I broke the--the lamp. 对不起 只是... Sorry, it's... 不 没事... No, it's, um... 没事的 It's okay. 只是 你也知道 本 It's just--you know, Ben, 明天一大早他还要去花园里呢 he's got to get to the garden tomorrow morning, you know? 当然了 Sure. Okay. 好好休息 晚安 Get some rest. Night. 晚安 Good night. 大卫 David? 大卫 David? 他们来了... They're coming and... 他们会杀了你 And then they're gonna kill you. 大卫 David? 大卫 David? 大卫 David. 醒醒 Wake up. 大卫 David. 这边 Over here. 别装了 Let's stop pretending, huh? 这些是电线 你浸在水中 Those are power cables. You're submerged in water. 如果你敢有小动作 马上就会 If you try anything, you're gonna get 感受到十万伏特的电 100,000 volts before you take a breath. 有什么好笑的 What is so funny?来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/Legion-01-01-15.html