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生活大麻烦(Disjointed) 第01季 第03集 第09期

皮特 把它关掉 Pete, turn it off. 卡特 我是皮特 Hey, Carter, it's Pete. 我准备敲门了 所以你不要害怕好吗 I'm gonna knock now, so don't be scared, okay? 卡特 我是皮特 Hey, Carter, it's Pete. -你还好吗 -是的 皮特 - You okay? - Yeah, Pete. 我还好 I'm fine. 我不知道你在战争中经历了什么 Listen, I don't claim to know what you went through in the war. 我相信那肯定和 I'm sure it's nothing like 在洪堡县的嬉皮士社区长大不一样 growing up on a hippie commune in Humboldt County 那有瞭望塔和每周的军事训练 with watchtowers and weekly drills 我们用刺刀刺装扮成缉毒警察的假人 where we bayoneted dummies dressed like DEA agents. 我的天 Jesus Christ. 你见过那些来店里的老兵 You've seen the veterans who come in the store. 抽大麻确实对他们有好处 Smoking really does them good. 帮助他们疗伤 Helps them cope. 这是种神奇的植物 兄弟 It's an amazing plant, man. 而且 And-- 人们叫它"万忧解"而不是"万忧结"是有原因的 There's a reason they call it "Cannabis," Not "Can't-abis." 露丝讲起来更好笑 It's funnier when Ruth tells it. 皮特 我能和卡特说两句吗 Hey, Pete. Can I talk to Carter for a minute? 卡特 先别挂 Carter, don't hang up. 你将听到特拉维斯的声音 The next voice you hear is gonna be Travis'. 特拉维斯 门归你了 Travis, the door is yours. 卡特 Carter? 我就是来看看 I'm just checking in. 我知道你把我当成老板 但我也是你的朋友 I know you think of me as your boss, but I'm also your friend. 还有 Also, you know... 我们都是骄傲的黑人兄弟 we're both proud black men. 我们可能也都是狮子座 I think we might also be Leos, too. 坚韧 魅力四射 Headstrong... charismatic. 好吧 聊得很开心 All right... good talk. 保持清醒 兄弟 Stay woke, brother. 这证件是真的吗 Is this a real ID? -当然 -好 请进吧 - Yeah. - Great, come on in. 妈 Mom. 你早上也看到了 丹克和黛比很受欢迎 As you saw this morning, Dank and Dabby are very popular.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/Disjointed-01-03-9.html