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浮生若寄(Crashing) 第01季 第02集 第10期

天啊 是阿迪·兰格 老兄 Artie fucking Lange. Dude! 哥们 好啊 Hey, man. How you doin'? 你一定得来一瓶 You gotta take one of these. 我必须得跟大名鼎鼎的阿迪·兰格喝一杯 I gotta take a drink with Artie fucking Lange. 抱歉 他不喝酒 No, sorry, he doesn't drink, man. -干杯[西语] -干杯 巴巴·不易 - Salud, right? - Salud. Baba Booey. 霍华德·斯特恩脱口秀制片人绰号 -巴巴·不易 -不... - Baba Booey. - It's not... it's not... 搞什么 What the... 你在搞什么 我请他喝的 What the fuck are you doing? Hey, I bought that for him. 你是好人 也是个友好的朋友 You're a good man and a friendly friend. 多谢请客 他还有表演 Thanks for the drink. He's got a show to do. 抱歉 Sorry. 我们走吧 Come on, let's get out of here. 天啊 我们去吃鸡爪吧 Geez Louise, let's get some chicky-fingies. 我们醉得厉害 You know when you're, like, really drunk 感觉很想吐时 and you feel like you're gonna throw up, 会想"我打赌我能撑到早午饭" but you're like, "I bet I can make it to brunch"? 我也这么赌了 然后输了 I rolled the dice on that. I lost, okay? 我开始在街上狂吐 As I begin to vomit into the street, 这时看到对面有个女人 I looked across and there was a woman 坐在室外喝星巴克 sitting outside, drinking a Starbucks, 我边吐边跟她眼神交流 and I just made eye contact with her as I was vomiting 我就那么盯着她 and I held eye contact. 这是真的 It's a real story. 我就这样... I was just like.... 她去上班会想 Did she go to work and she's like, 天啊 我今天都丑得令人作呕吗 "Oh, my God, I was so ugly today, I made a man vomit"? 多谢捧场 我是TJ·米勒 谢谢 Thank you very much. I'm TJ Miller. Thank you. -再见 谢谢 -谢谢 - Cheers. Thank you. - Thank you. 不愧是TJ·米勒 欢送TJ·米勒 TJ Miller, everybody! There goes TJ Miller! 该你了 Follow that. 操你大爷 Fuckin' motherfucker. 讲得真久 That was a long one.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/Crashing-01-02-10.html