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BBC News:PC in 'Hot Fuzz' swan chase near Reading

A policeman found himself in a real-life Hot Fuzz situation when he was called in to help catch a swan. PC Jamie Payne swooped in when the bird was spotted on the A33 near Reading. After winging his way to the busy A-road, the roads unit officer pursued the "elusive swan" on foot - in scenes reminiscent of the 2007 comedy starring Simon Pegg. The Thames Valley Police unit said the feathered fugitive, which they named Sam, was handed over to a charity. It was PC Payne's first job since he completed a Traffic Pursuit and Containment Course (TPAC), it added. Though it seems the officer was already something of a swan pursuit specialist, as it later emerged he had rescued another one last April. In Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost play two mismatched police officers in a sleepy rural village. Throughout the film, the pair are seen haplessly pursuing a swan which repeatedly escapes their grasp. In a follow-up tweet, PC Payne's unit mentioned a meeting with Pegg, during which the actor said he was tagged in "many" swan posts since starring in the film.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/BBC-News-PC-in-Hot-Fuzz-swan-chase-near-Reading.html