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趣味建议React 第20期:什么时候是最好的年龄

bob bob asks: 鲍勃鲍勃问道: "What is the best age to be and why?" “最好的年龄是什么时候?为什么? I can't answer that 'cause I've only hit 18. 我不能回答这个问题,因为我刚满18岁。 Probably being a baby 'cause everyone takes care of you. 也许是婴儿时期,因为那时所有人都照顾你。 Three or two. A lot of people are like, "Oh, you're so cute!" And then you get complimented a lot. 三岁或两岁。那时许多人都会说,“哦,你太可爱了!”你会得到很多称赞。 13! Because you're a teenager. 13岁!因为那时你是青少年。 I would either choose 19 or 21. 19 'cause you're still on the brink of a teenager, but you're also kind of an adult, and then 21 'cause you can drink. 我会选择19岁或21岁。因为19岁时还可以算是青少年,不过也可以说是成年人了,而21岁是因为可以喝酒了。 22 and you're good. 'Cause I heard this song once — "I'm feeling 22, how about —" Something like that? Is that a song or something? 22岁非常好。因为我曾经听过这首歌“我22岁了,怎么样……”歌词是这样的吗?这是首歌还是别的什么? 26. You have the maturity of an older person, but you're still young and youthful and can still make stupid mistakes. 26岁。这个年龄既有年长者的成熟,又有年轻人的活力,还可以犯愚蠢的错误。 28. That is like, when you're fit and healthy, and you're not too old so your bones don't crack. 28岁。这时你非常健康,而且不是太老,所以骨头不会裂。 Probably when you're hitting your thirties or so 'cause that's kind of, you'are out of that, twenty that, you know, those awkward twenty — somethings. 可能是进入30岁以后,因为你度过了尴尬的20几岁的时光。 Seeing as how I haven't died yet, I'd think 69 is the best age to be. 既然现在我还没有死亡,我认为69岁就是最好的年龄。 TwentyOne 2211 asks: TwentyOne 2211问道: "How do I get out of an awkward text?" “怎么摆脱尴尬信息? Is that something you're reading? I don't quite get the question, 'cause if it's something you're reading, I mean, just put the book down and read something else. 是说你在看的东西吗?我不太明白这个问题,如果是指你在看的书,那只要把那本书放下,去读别的书就好了。 Don't respond. 不要回复。 Don't reply. 不要回答。 Send a thumbs up and just don't respond after that. 发一个竖起大拇指的表情,之后就不要再回复了。 The good thing about texting is you're not face-to-face, so write, "Ha, ha," or an emoji or something and just kind of shut it down. 发短信的好处是你们不用面对面,所以只要回复“哈,哈”或是回复一个表情符号就好了,然后就把信息关掉。 You make it even more awkward so it seems like you guys are having a funny joke. 你可以回复一条更尴尬的信息,看起来就好像你们在开玩笑。 Turn off your cellphone, or whatever you're texting on. 关掉手机,或是关掉你在编辑的短信。 Say, "Oh, my phone's dying!" 回复:“哦,我的手机要死了!” Make up an excuse that you're busy right now. 编个借口,就说你现在正在忙。 Say, "Oh, dude, I'm sorry. I have to go." Even though you're completely lying and you're just laying down on the couch watching TV. 回复:“哦,伙计,我很抱歉。我要去忙了。”虽然这完全是谎话,你正躺在沙发上看电视。 Answer it in a very easy way that you wouldn't have to really repeat what was in it. 用非常简单的方式回复这条信息,不用重复内容。 If it it's really awkward, bro, just delete it and when he texts you back be like, "Yo, new phone. Who did this?" That's it. 伙计,如果真的非常尴尬,只要删除就好了,他可能会这样回复你的短信:“嘿,换了新手机。这是谁干的?”就是这样。 Thanks for watching Advice on the React channel. 谢谢大家观看React频道的建议栏目。 Don't miss out. SubsCRIbe. 不要错过。订阅吧。 We love answering your questions, so keep them coming. 我们喜欢回答大家的问题,继续提问吧。 Bye! 再见! See ya! I'm gonna go prepare for an alien invasion! 再见!我要去为外星人入侵做准备了! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536767.html