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趣味建议React 第19期:怎么赢得奥斯卡

Catalina Rin would like to know: 卡特琳娜·琳想知道: "My friends are hanging out without me. How do I get included?" “我的朋友们一起出去,却不带我玩。我怎么才能加入他们? This was my struggle in high school. I was always being that one friend. 这是我高中时期的困扰。我一直是那个自己玩的人。 Don't be that person who wants to get included into everything. It kind of gives people the bad vibe and kind of makes you look needy. 不要成为那种什么都想参与的人。这样会让人感觉很糟糕,而且会让你看起来缺乏自信。 Find a new friend, and then you could hang out with her. 交个新朋友,这样你就可以和她一起出去玩了。 Get some new friends. Hang out with yourself. There's nothing wrong with hanging out with yourself. 结交新朋友。自己出去玩。自己出去玩并没什么问题。 Just say, "Come on. Guys, I'm your friend. What are you guys doing? I want to play." If they still don't let you play, then they're not really good friends. 你可以说,"伙计们,我是你们的朋友。你们几个在干嘛?我也想一起玩。"如果他们仍不带你玩,那就说明你们并不是真正的好朋友。 The only way to get included is if you plan it. They can't kick you out of your own plan. 唯一加入他们的方法就是你来计划活动。他们不能把你踢出你自己的计划。 Throw a surprise party and invite them and don't tell them who invited them. 举办个惊喜派对,邀请他们参加,不要告诉他们是谁邀请他们的。 There might be a reason they're hanging out without you, so you might want to maybe brush your teeth, change your shirt. 他们不和你出去玩可能是有原因的,你也许应该刷刷牙,换件衣服。 Don't worry too much about it. Don't, you know, don't let it upset you, but rather try and find out what the reason is. 不要太担心这个问题。你知道,不要为这件事感到心烦,而是要努力找出原因。 Just ask to be included. "The next time you guys go to the movies, I would love to go." 让他们带你一起玩。“下次你们出去看电影时,我也想一起去。” Always ask. Say, "Mind if I hang out with you?" Maybe they don't realize that they have left you out. 经常问他们。你可以说,“你们介意我和你们一起出去玩吗?”也许他们没有意识到他们把你排除在外了。 They probably don't even realize that they're excluding you, so I would talk to them directly and tell them how you're feeling. 他们可能甚至都没意识到他们把你排除在外了,所以要是我的话,我会直接和他们说,告诉他们你的感觉。 If they're hanging out, you could say, "Oh, you wanna play this one game? It's really fun." And then you like, you could probably get them to play and then they're hanging out with you. If that doesn't work, I don't know what to tell them. 如果他们一起出去玩,你可以问他们:“哦,你们想玩这个游戏吗?这个非常好玩。”然后你就能让他们一起玩游戏,他们就会和你一起出去了。如果这样不管用,我也不知道要怎么办了。 Sergio Manzanares asks: 塞吉奥·曼萨纳雷斯问道: "How do I win an Oscar?" Hmm. “我怎么能赢得奥斯卡奖?”嗯。 I'm 69 years old and I still don't have an Oscar, so I don't have the answer to that. 我今年69岁了,我到现在都没有获得奥斯卡,所以我没有这个问题的答案。 You have to be a very, very, very, VERY good actor. 你要成为非常非常非常非常优秀的演员。 Be a good actor. Cry a lot and just don't suck. 成为优秀的演员。多演哭戏,不要抽吸。 Star in a really, really good film with really good supporting actors and actresses. 出演一部非常非常优秀的电影,这部电影里要有非常好的男女配角。 Make a great movie. Sad movies always win an Oscar. 制作一部伟大的电影。悲伤的电影通常会获得奥斯卡。 Be an actor! Do something like, really touching — usually playing someone with a disability always works. 成为演员!出演非常感人的电影,通常扮演残疾人会获得奥斯卡青睐。 You can win an Oscar. I believe in you. You have to work your butt off. 你可以赢得奥斯卡。我相信你。你要全力以赴。 You have to get an agent, go through acting classes. It would take an easy 20 years. 你要找个经纪人,上表演课。这可能至少要花20年的时间。 Don't be Leonardo DiCaprio... 'cause he can't get an Oscar! 不要成为莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥,因为他拿不到奥斯卡! Egan Snopek — I like your name. 伊根·斯诺皮克——我喜欢你的名字。 "How do I survive an alien invasion?" “怎么在外星人入侵时存活下来? You really believe in aliens? Really? Uh... 你真的相信有外星人吗?真的吗?额…… Give all the aliens big, big, big wedgies, so their underwear goes all the way over their space helmet. 抓着所有外星人的内裤把他们提起来,这样他们的内裤就会套在他们的太空帽上了。 Go to a fallout shelter and hide under ground. 找一个放射性微粒掩蔽所,躲在地下。 This is kind of like a zombie apocalypse, but they're more intelligent. You need to get a really good shelter, maybe make it out of titanium. You've gotta be set for any occasion! 这有点像僵尸启示录,不过他们更聪明。你要找一个好的避难所,也许用钛金属建一个。你要为任何情况做好准备! Try to stay away from populated areas. 尝试远离人口密集地区。 Hide. There you go. Hide. 躲起来。找个地方躲起来。 Hide or you would confront them. 躲起来,或者面对他们。 Make friends with them if they find you. You know, just kill them with kindness. 如果他们发现你了,你就和他们做朋友。你知道,要温柔地摧毁他们。 Watch those doomsday prepper people. They're crazy. 看看那些末日生存者是怎么做的。他们太不可思议了。 Make yourself like, disgusting so the aliens will be like — they see that and they're like, "No! Got to go. Gotta blast!" And go to a different planet. 让你自己看起来很恶心,这样外星人看到你以后会想:“天哪,我得走了。要爆炸了!”然后他就去另一个星球了。 A computer virus, a glass of water, the common cold. I believe those are all good options for you. 电脑病毒、一杯水、普通感冒。我认为这些对你来说都是不错的选择。 You want to train your mind because that's how you're gonna out — trick them because I'm pretty sure most aliens are gonna be smarter than the human race, so if you're above them on an intellectual level, you're already winning. 你要训练你的大脑,因为你要出去戏耍他们,我非常确定大部分外星人都比人类聪明,所以如果你可以在智力水平上超过他们,那你就已经赢了。 Forget about that and think about surviving things more, you know, more important, like how you're gonna get through life or how you're gonna get through school or how you're gonna get a good job. 忘掉那些,想想更重要的生存问题吧,比如如何度过一生,或者如何度过学校生活,如何找到好工作。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536766.html