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One of the organizers of the Olympic ceremony, of the opening ceremony, 奥林匹克开幕式的一位组织者, called me and said that I had been selected to be one of the flag-bearers. 通知我被他们选中,作为一名护旗手。 I replied that surely this was a case of mistaken identity because I'm as far as you can get from being an athlete. 我立马回复说道这肯定弄错了,因为我根本就不是一位田径运动员呀。 Actually, I wasn't even sure that I could go around the stadium without a walker. 其实,我只是不太确定在没有拐杖的帮助下,我是否能够绕场走一圈。 I was told that this was no laughing matter. 他们告诉我这并非玩笑。 This would be the first time that only women would carry the Olympic flag. 这将会是第一次仅仅由女性举着奥林匹克旗。 Five women, representing five continents, and three Olympic gold medal winners. 五位女性代表了五个大陆,另外还有三位奥林匹克金牌获得者。 My first question was, naturally, what was I going to wear? 相当自然地,我的第一个问题是,那我穿什么好呢? A uniform, she said, and asked for my measurements. My measurements. 制服,她回复道,并向我询问我的尺寸。我的尺寸。 I had a vision of myself in a fluffy anorak, looking like the Michelin Man. 我马上想象到我穿着蓬松的厚夹克,看上去就像个米其林男孩。 By the middle of February, I found myself in Turin, where enthusiastic crowds cheered when any of the 80 Olympic teams was in the street. 在二月中旬,我来到了都灵市,在这里成千上万的人,欢迎着来自世界的80支奥林匹克代表团。 Those athletes had saCRIficed everything to compete in the games. 这些运动员们将会竭尽全力在比赛中竞争。 They all deserved to win, but there's the element of luck. 他们均理应获胜,但是其中也存在运气的因素。 A speck of snow, an inch of ice, the force of the wind, can determine the result of a race or a game. 一个雪斑点、一英尺的冰、风速,均可以影响到比赛的结果。 However, what matters most -- more than training or luck -- is the heart. 但是,最为重要的--比训练或运气更重要的--是心。 Only a fearless and determined heart will get the gold medal. It is all about passion. 只有永不畏惧并拥有坚强的心的人能够获胜。这就是激情。 The streets of Turin were covered with red posters announcing the slogan of the Olympics. 都灵市的街道被红色张贴画给盖满,上面写着奥林匹克的标语。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536757.html