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调查显示 26%在校大学生有较强创业意愿

26% of Chinese students from higher education institutions are eager to start businesses in 2017, marking an eight percentage points rise from the previous year, according to a survey. 一项调查显示,2017年,我国26%的高校学生渴望创业,比例较前一年提高了8个百分点。 The survey, jointly conducted by over 30 higher education institutions, enterprises and social organizations, covered 52 higher education institutions across the country. 这项调查由30多家教育机构、企业和社会组织共同进行,范围覆盖了全国的52所高校。 According to the survey, 22% of the respondents choose to start businesses in accommodation and catering industry and 19.3% prefer the e-commerce sector. 调查称,22%的受访学生选择在住宿和餐饮行业创业,19.3%的学生则青睐电商领域。 Motivation behind entrepreneurship varies, 31% of them want to pursue a free and independent job and lifestyle, 18% want to realize their dreams and 10% are seeking sound business opportunities, the survey showed. 调查显示,受访学生创业的动机各异,31%的学生想追求自由、独立的工作和生活方式,18%想实现个人理想,10%则寻求好的商机。 More than 50% of them said funds shortage remains the biggest challenge in entrepreneurship. 过半学生表示,资金短缺仍是他们创业所面临的最大挑战。 The survey said higher education institutions should provide more opportunities to foster entrepreneurship and help develop a financing system for students to start their own business. 该调查指出,高等教育机构应该提供更多的机会来培养创业精神,并帮助建立一个供学生创业的融资体系。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536689.html