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If interrogational torture is legally regulated as in former centuries it was, he thinks there will be less torture and fewer fatalities. 酷刑像过去那样得到法律监管 酷刑就会相应地减少造成更少的死亡 But the structure of his argument is something like that of Rolls, regarding enslavement of the conquered in ancient times. 但是他论证的结构有点像Rolls关于古时候 Yet, questionable beliefs underlie Dashiszs as proposal. 奴隶制的论证但是Dershowitz的提议所基于的信念是有问题的 Tortures effectiveness as a tool of interrogation is more dubious than is popularly believed. 酷刑作为一种审问手段的有效性值得怀疑并非如公众所认为的那么有效 Recent popular faith in torture rest heavily on it's allegedly having foiled a plot to blow up 11 Trans-pacific aircraft in 1995. 近来公众对于酷刑的信念很大程度上基于1995年官方声称通过酷刑阻止了 I believe Daschiszs sites that very case. 一场炸毁越洋飞机的阴谋我想Dershowitz也 Yet historian Alfred Maccoy,my colleague in the history department at Wisconsin was a specialist on the Philippines 引用了这个案例但是我在威斯康辛历史系的同事历史学家Alfred Maccoy and played some role in these movie taxi to the dark site, sites a Washington Post report 他是菲律宾研究专家在这场论战中起到了一定的作用他引用了华盛顿邮报的一个报道 that the Manila police obtained all the important information in the first few minutes when they seize Abdul Hakim Belhaj laptop 马尼拉警方得到Abdul Hakim Belhaj的手提电脑后在几分钟内就获得了所有的重要信息 and that most of the supposed details came from the 67 days of torture that followed were, 而接下来67天里对他实行的酷刑得到的所谓细节信息 as one Philipino officer testifies in New York, police fabrications that Belhaj mind to end the pain. 正如菲律宾警官在纽约作证指出的那样都是Belhaj为了结束痛苦捏造出来的 A widely sided case of police torture to find a kidnapped baby which is reported from New South 另外一个广为引用的案例是警方酷刑寻找新南威尔士一个被绑架的婴儿 Wales concludes that the baby's prognosis was uncertain; we are not told how the torture victim faired. 婴儿的预后是不确定的我们也没有被告知嫌疑人受到了怎样的 One might object, that's just lack, the baby might have been found in time. 酷刑有人可能会反对说这要碰运气婴儿可能会被及时找到 Belhaj computer might not have had the information and so on. Belhaj的电脑上 可能并没有要找的信息等等 Yet reliance upon luck is part of the problem. 但是问题部分就在于我们要依靠运气 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536650.html