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创业与企业发展 第173期:简单的面试雇人

So that was always the first assessment. 这是第一个评估 Like we never did anything just by interviews. 我们从不会只通过简单的面试雇人 The other thing we had to, sort of, screen them for is their ability to do customer support. 另外一个方法呢看他们能不能做好客服 Because not any, every engineer sort of has the empathy skills to handle that stress. 因为呢并不是每一个工程师都能顶得住客服的压力 So sometimes I would have people write breakup letters to me, right, in an interview, just like hey, 所以有的时候,在面试的中间我会让他们 pretend you have to break up with me you have 15 minutes to write in on there 拿出15分钟的时间假装给我写一封分手信 and you can only write it by hand, what are you gonna say? 只能手写,看看他们到底能写些什么 And so you get a good sense of sort of their writing skills, 通过这种方式,可以看出他们的写作能力怎么样 because like 90% of what you do in customer support is tell them bad news, like, 因为做客服,90%的时间都不是很愉悦的 oh, we don't support that feature, sorry that's not gonna work, or. 比如说,会告诉用户:没有这个功能啊,抱歉这个功能有问题 It's not gonna be available. 这样是不可能的啊 And so people have to have sort of tacked at that. 所以他们要学会去应对 How 'bout one more question? 最后一个问题啦 One question, right here the glasses. 最后一个同学,那位戴眼镜的同学 So, since Wiki has all these like tricks and experiments that have really helped the company. of ones that didn't work out? 维基百科上有很多帮助公司运营的技巧和经验你知道有哪些是没有成功的吗? Have all these tricks and experiments to help the company, are there any ones that didn't work out? 那些帮助公司运营的经验和技巧有没有没能成功的呢? All right, I'll talk about one. 好的,我来说一个 So one of the things that we did early on to try to motivate ourselves was try to get, 在Wufoo成立早期我们试着用"混乱模式"来激励团队 like we understood this idea of like crunch mode and that it's really bad for people. 我们了解"混乱模式"其实这种模式对大家不好 Like if you're doing the subsCRIption business you need people to last for the long term, 如果你是做订阅杂志生意的那么必须有长期合作的客户 and video games a lot of times they like crunch people. All, all the time. 如果是做电子游戏的,就得有各种各样的客户。需要很多用户的支持 For like a specific deadline or have multiple sprints every two weeks 为了完成任务,会制定很多截止日期 and you have to shoot up to this deadline and it's like exhausting. 为了赶在截止日期之前完成,这太累人了! And so, because, when it's happening it's like you might get an increase in productivity 因为,当你的生产率增加了 but the recovery period that you need for people is always greater, right, than the productivity you gain. 但是却要花更长的时间去恢复然后再是恢复期 And at a company where you need everyone doing customer support 你需要员工都来做客服 and being on their game and constantly put, pushed out features you don't have time for recovery. 不断推出新功能这样就没有足够的时间去恢复 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536629.html