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创业与企业发展 第172期:分清责任

Each person had their name on it, and you got to see every time somebody updated their to-do list. 上面有每个人的名字每个人可以在上面查到自己的工作计划 What we said is every single night just set everything that you did that day. 每天记录一下看看是否和计划一致 Right? And then on Friday, we would just go over. 星期五的时候我们再查看一下 Okay, this is what you said last week that you're gonna do. 是否和计划里的一致 This is what you actually got done, or the sort of the problems at hand. 这就是我们处理事情的方式 And it's super simple, right? 非常简单是吧? It creates this like nice written trail for how to sort of handle stuff, right? 它以书面的方式记录你要处理的事情 And I don't have to worry about managing them, right? 这样我就无需担心去管理员工了 They sorta set the tone for how they want to be sort of assessed. 员工也按照自己希望的方式去工作了 And it makes it really simple. 这样就会变得好管理了 And for people who are excellent at what they do. 对于那些比较擅长于这种工作方式的员工来说 Right? It works very, very well. 效果非常好 And then when you actually have problems, it's very easy to fire people. 一旦出现问题的话很容易分清责任,辞退员工 I was fortunate that I never had to fire anyone at Wufoo, right? 不过,我在Wufoo还没有辞退过员工 But we were able to correct a lot of people's behavior very, very quickly. 但是,这种方法可以帮助我们快速的纠正员工的问题 Cuz we just kinda look at this, and it's like look, this is your pattern of behavior. 因为我们可以通过这个表格看出你的工作模式 You finish a fraction of the items on your list. 比如说,你前几天只完成了工作的一小部分 You do most of the items at the last second right before Friday. 大部分的工作都是在周五之前完成的 That's a problem, you've gotta manage your time better and this is evidence that you've provided to us. 这样就有问题了,你必须要学会合理安排时间这个表格就成了你工作拖拉的证据 All we have to do is sort of desCRIbe it back to you and because everyone in the company sort of sees it, 我们只是根据你的表格数据分析了出来公司里其他人也都看在眼里 right, there's social pressure that's put into place that helps make it all sort of happen. 社交压力也会逼得你去改正的 Right here. How did you hire people that, you know, you felt would be able to work with in this kind of environment 你的问题是?你们是怎样选择雇员的呢? that's, that's So, how do you hire people that can work, remotely? 大概是这样嗯,我们怎样选择可以远程工作的员工? And then sort of work in this sort of fashion. 根据我们的公司规定 So, pretty easily, you have them work on a side project for you. 其实这很简单,让他们帮你做一个副项目 So you contract them out, and they have to work remotely. 你们可以签订合同,他们通过远程工作 As such, usually, the projects I like to have them work on is about a month long, right? 通常,我会给他们一个月左右的项目 I could do things much faster for a week. 但我自己可能一周就能做完 But usually get a good sense of, like, how well people sort of manage themselves, and work on things from a project like that. 通常呢,通过这种方法我们就能感受到他们是如何管理自己的如何远程完成一个项目 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536628.html