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This one sentence before the story started was enough to make the brain responses 故事开始前的一句话就足以决定大脑的反应, of all the people that believed the wife was having an affair 所有相信妻子不忠的人, be very similar in these high-order areas and different than the other group. 大脑高阶区的反应非常相似,但与另一组人不同。 And if one sentence is enough to make your brain similar to people 如果一个句子足以让你的大脑 that think like you and very different than people that think differently than you, 与持相同看法的人相似与持不同看法的人相异, think how this effect is going to be amplified in real life, 那么想想看,在现实生活中这种效应会被放大到甚么样的程度? when we are all listening to the exact same news item after being exposed day after day after day to different media channels, 当我们日复一日听着由不同媒体所报导的相同新闻, like Fox News or The New York Times, that give us very different perspectives on reality. 例如《福斯新闻》或《纽约时报》,造成我们对事实的观点有截然不同的看法。 So let me summarize. If everything worked as planned tonight, 因此,让我总结一下。如果今晚一切按计划进行, I used my ability to vocalize sound to be coupled to your brains. 我可以用我的声音与你的大脑产生共鸣。 And I used this coupling to transmit my brain patterns associated with my memories and ideas into your brains. 然后利用这种共鸣,把我大脑里的记忆、想法图像传至你的大脑。 In this, I start to reveal the hidden neural mechanism by which we communicate. 在此,我向各位揭露了我们神经沟通机制的秘密, And we know that in the future it will enable us to improve and facilitate communication. 我们知道它可以改善我们的沟通方式。 But these studies also reveal that communication relies on a common ground. 这些研究也表明,沟通依赖共同点, And we have to be really worried as a society if we lose this common ground and our ability to speak with people 身为社会一分子的我们必须得担心,我们是否已失去了这种共同点,是否失去了与他人沟通的能力, that are slightly different than us because we let a few very strong media channels take control of the mic, 因为我们放任少数的强势媒体控制了麦克风, and manipulate and control the way we all think. 操纵了我们的想法。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536614.html