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主帅被扫地出门后 灰熊应当何去何从

Second-year coach clashed with the All-Star center, and the team sided with its franchise player. If things don't get better, what options does the team really have? 二年级主教练与全明星中锋产生了不和,球队则站在了当家球星一边。如果事情不能好转,这支球队将作何抉择? The Grizzlies fired David Fizdale on Monday after 1.25 seasons, one playoff first-round out, one feud with his All-Star Center, and one infamous line about officiating that will reverberate forever, for whatever the data says about it. 灰熊队在周一炒掉了大卫-菲兹代尔。他们留下了一又四分之一个合作赛季,一次首轮出局的季后赛之旅,一次教练与他的全明星中锋之间的矛盾,以及一句白纸黑字被记录下来,并将永远回响的关于裁判问题的恶言。 The decision prompted reactions of outrage and confusion across the league for a well-respected coach who will no doubt get another opportunity elsewhere. 这个决定在联盟范围内引发了愤慨和困惑,因为当事人是一位广受尊敬的主教练,也没人怀疑他能在其他地方另谋高就。 After Memphis had lost eight straight and 11 of 13, things came to a head in Memphis' Sunday night loss to the Nets. In the third quarter, Fizdale elected not to reinsert All-Star center Marc Gasol into the lineup, and kept Gasol out the remainder of the game. 在灰熊惨遭八连败并输掉了近13场比赛中的11场后,事情的苗头开始在他们周日对篮网的失利后冒出来了。在比赛的第三节,菲兹代尔选择不在出场阵容中派上全明星中锋马克-加索尔,并让他在之后的比赛中一直沦为看客。 It's one thing for a coach to ride a bench lineup that is playing better. However, to single out a player, one the team's two stars, with whom the coach has clashed consistently since arriving in Memphis, crossed a line with Gasol. He made that clear in his own reserved way after the game. 重用发挥更好的替补队员是主教练的权力,然而,挑出球队的两大球星之一来开刀,而且是在教练自来到灰熊起就与他一直不和的情况下,就是在触碰小加索尔的底线了。他也在赛后以他有所保留的方式将此事变得明了了。 Less than 18 hours later, Fizdale had been shown the door. 不到18个小时后,菲兹戴尔就被扫地出门了。 A person close to the situation made clear to CBS Sports that, while the team had been "trending in the wrong direction," without the irreconcilable differences between Fizdale and Gasol, Fizdale's termination might not have been necessary. 一位接近于事发情境的人士对CBS体育坦言,虽然球队过去曾因菲兹代尔和小加索尔之间未能调和的矛盾而“趋于错误的方向,”但菲兹代尔时代的终结或许并不那么必要。 The person, who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the talks, also said that owner Robert Pera did not intervene in the situation despite his relationship with Gasol. The decision to fire Fizdale had been made by management Sunday night. 这个曾因为敏感言论而需要匿名讲话的人也曾讲过,球队老板罗伯特-佩拉没有出手干涉,尽管他和小加索尔私交甚笃,而解雇菲兹代尔的决定是由管理层在周日晚决定的。 The optics of the situation are inescapable. A 32-year-old aging center on a max contract clashed with his coach, and after it reached Sunday's boiling point, the team sided with its All-Star, firing a coach respected league-wide. No one comes out looking good here, certainly not Gasol. 这件事从视觉观感上看像是在所难免。一位手握顶薪的32岁中锋与他的教练有了矛盾,球队在选边站中选择站在了它的球星一边,炒掉了一位在全联盟德高望重的教练员。 The 7-2 Spaniard has always been a mystery, at once one of the most consistent and disciplined players in the league and one who in recent years has struggled with motivation. He resisted offensive shifts from former coach Dave Joerger. While he adapted to Fizdale's strategy, becoming a stretch five while still using his post game, there was always a personality clash. 这位身高7尺2寸的西班牙中锋一直以来都是一个谜,作为联盟中最为始终如一和遵守纪律的球员之一,他近年来一直在积极性方面存在问题。他早先就曾抗拒过前任主帅戴夫-乔尔格的进攻安排。虽然他主动适应了菲兹代尔的体系,在保留自己低位进攻的同时转型空间型五号位,但私人层面上的矛盾一直没有化解。 "It's not like people in the league didn't know that Marc and Fiz weren't speaking or getting along," an NBA executive told CBS Sports, requesting anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on another team. “联盟内部的圈内人士并不像是不知道马克和菲兹戴尔缺少交流并且相处不来。”一位NBA的常务董事这样告诉CBS体育,由于他不被批准公开谈论其他球队,他要求不公开自己的姓名。 The situation teeters on the edge of outright disaster for Memphis, which owes its 2019 first-round draft pick to the Boston Celtics and has Conley, Gasol and Chandler Parsons locked up on max deals through that spring. Team sources indicated to CBS Sports this summer that Gasol was considered "untouchable" in trade talks. 这一情况又使已处在灾难边缘的灰熊更加摇摇欲坠,他们的2019年首轮签已经送到了波士顿,又被康利、小加索尔和帕森斯的顶薪合同锁死了2019年之前的空间。不止一个球队消息源向CBS体育透露,今夏小加索尔一方在交易探讨方面的想法将“不可捉摸”。 A source indicated Monday that the decision to fire Fizdale in light of his conflict with Gasol is an indication that the team's position has not changed on that matter. 另一个消息源则在周一表示,出于和小加索尔矛盾的考虑炒掉菲兹戴尔这一决定,是球队的立场在本次事件中没有改变的一个象征。 However, every analysis of Gasol's situation was dependent on the team not falling into a tailspin. It has. 然而,一切关于小加索尔处境的分析都建立于球队没有陷入下坠轨道的基础上,而这已经发生了。 Memphis is 16-27 since the All-Star break last season. The common reaction on social media Monday to Fizdale's firing was about the roster's issues, with so many borderline or non-NBA-caliber players surrounding an aging, injured core. 上赛季的全明星假期后,灰熊取得的战绩仅为16胜27负。而周一的社交媒体上引发的一般反应是菲兹代尔的下课应当归咎于阵容问题,球队阵中大量的球员只是边缘级别,甚至并没有NBA级别的天赋,而围绕建队的核心则年纪高迈、伤痕累累。 In Memphis' market, with their payroll, a rebuild is daunting. Conley and Gasol trades could yield zero first-rounders — consider the market for younger and arguably better stars from this offseason. 就孟菲斯的小球市而言,在球队工资的压力下,推倒重建是令球队望而却步的。交易康利和小加索尔可能连首轮都换不来——考虑到由更加年轻并且被证明更出色的球员们主导着交易市场。 Then you're relying on Memphis A) hitting top three in the lottery and B) nailing its own draft pick this summer. The Grizzlies' draft history, for a variety of reasons from poor scouting to bad luck, won't engender much confidence. (Hasheem Thabeet says hi, wherever he is. 之后灰熊有两种选择:1.尽早摆烂抢前三顺位,2.用好他们今夏的选秀权。灰熊队的选秀历史总能遭到各种各样的霉运,这一点实在不能让人放心(哈希姆-塔比特在向你招手,不论他现在在哪里)。 Memphis won't be able to lure star free agents. Even with the financial flexibility caused by a potential blow-up, they would have to overpay mid-level free agents to come to Memphis. That's how you get yourself in a much worse situation than an eight-game losing streak with two stars, one of whom, Conley, is on the shelf during this skid. That's why a "keep the two stars at all costs" is more pragmatic than it may seem on the surface. 孟菲斯将没有能力引来自由市场上的球星,即使他们的薪金空间能由于工资帽潜在的上涨保持灵活,也只能溢价签约中等水平的自由球员们。这样的方式会让你落入比拥有康利和小加索尔两名球星而遭遇八连败更糟糕的情形之中,何况两人之一的康利在连败期间还高挂免战牌。这正是为何“不惜一切代价留住两位球星”这一做法比表面看起来更具实际意义的原因。 Still, the team's woeful play in this stretch prompted tough decisions. You can try and overhaul the roster. That's the popular problem to point to, but you can't do that instantly in November mid-season. 虽然如此,球队这一段时间的惨状迫使他们必须做出某些艰难的决定。你可以试着变动球队阵容,这也是被指出来的热点问题,但你不可能在11月的赛季进行时马上这么做。 That option may arise later, but not now. So the Grizzlies did what every other team in this situation has done, historically. The coach takes the fall, no matter what role he did or didn't play in the team's gravitational descent. 这个办法日后或许会浮现出来,但不是现在。于是,灰熊做出了古往今来任何处于相同情境下的其他球队都做了的事情——让教练下课,不论他在球队的自由落体式下滑中承担了什么角色。 If this move doesn't work, if the team doesn't turn around, more changes await. Memphis' ownership situation is messy and in flux. 如果这一招不能见效,球队不能够转回正轨的话,就会有更多的改变发生了。灰熊队的所有权相对混乱,而且还变化不定。 Parsons actually has been good in terms of production, effort and on-court vs. off-court advanced stats — but not $25 million good. Gasol remains a moody but dynamic player. Conley's persistent foot injuries could be a nagging problem or a time bomb. Those two now will be on their fourth coach since making the 2012 Western Conference finals. 帕森斯在球场上的贡献、努力和在场相比不在场的高阶数据事实上还不错——但不值得2500万年薪;小加索尔依旧喜怒无常,但依然是个有活力的球员;康利多年不愈的脚伤也是一个不得安生的问题,或者说是球队的一颗定时炸弹。这两人就要迎来自球队2013年打入西部决赛以来的第四任主教练了。 The rest of the roster is largely on the fringe. If things get worse, Gasol could decide there's been too much poisoning of the well, and ask out. If he goes, Conley goes, and the Grizzlies will have to face a rebuild regardless. 名单里剩下的球员主要是一些NBA边缘人。如果事情到了更糟的地步,小加索尔会断定这口水井里的毒物实在太多,并提出离队。一旦他和康利双双远走,灰熊的重建工作就将避无可避了。 The plan is for interim coach J.B. Bickerstaff to finish the year as head coach, the person with knowledge of the situation said. But after that, who knows what the situation will be? 有经历过类似处境的人认为,球队会计划让临时主帅JB-比克斯塔夫执教到赛季结束。但在这之后,谁又知道具体情况会是怎样呢? Maybe this move turns things around. Maybe this forces Gasol to prove himself to acquit the perception that now permeates this situation. But it's clear that Monday's decision was messy and unpopular. 又或许换帅能让一切峰回路转,小加索尔会在此事的压迫之下努力证明自己,以澄清那些弥漫在如今环境下的观点。但很显然,灰熊在周一的这个决定相当麻烦而不受欢迎。 It was a desperation move from a team with fewer options than people believe, and unless Memphis finds the same kind of resiliency that has defined the team over the past seven years, all signs point to one trend. 这是球队的孤注一掷,而这支球队的选择也比人们想的要少一些。除非灰熊队找回那种在过去七年间奠定球队基调的韧劲,所有的迹象都在指向不好的一端。 It's going to get worse, before it gets better. 在情况好转之前,它会变得更糟的。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536586.html