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玩转商务英语900句 第164期:产品介绍(05)

(一):How do these methods differ among customer groups? 这些方法如何因顾客群而异? A: How do these methods differ among customer groups? 甲:这些方法如何因顾客群而异? B: Please take a look at the graph on page 12. 乙:请看一下第12页的图表。 介绍顾客群体: Each brand is aimed at a slightly different customers. 每个品牌皆有其不同的目标顾客。 And they also identify preferred customers for promotional campaigns. 这些还能显示促销活动要针对的顾客。 We concern the potential customers, and aim to develop the noncustomers to the enterprise's customers. 我们关注潜在的顾客,目标是将非顾客发展为企业的顾客。 (二):That is exactly what we have realty wanted.这正是我们想要的。 A: That is exactly what we have really wanted. 甲:这正是我们想要的。 B: Oh, yes. That's really designed for you. 乙:哦,是的。真是专为贵公司设计的。 这正是我们想要的: That's what we want to find out. 这正是我们想要的。 This is what we all want to hear. 这正是我们想听到的。 This is the very reason why we come here. 这正是我们来此的原因。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536583.html