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骑士与少女 第223期:复习检测(24)

The second part will look amazingly similar, question based on that Family tree 第二部分看起来出奇的简单 关于家谱的问题 This is what we call in the trade, a gift! 这个我们可以称为礼物 I might even give you the names! 我可能还会给你们名字 And you simply have to arrange them correctly 你们只需要给它们正确排序 If I do so, it will be graded heartlessly, because it is a gift 如果我这么做 这就会被无情地分级 因为是个礼物 Part 3, I don't usually I don't like matching's particularly 第三部分 我通常不 我不喜欢特别的匹配 But in this particular work there's so much trivia that's kind of fun 但是在这个特别的功课中有不少有趣的琐事 So there will be a 27 matching deals 所以会有27个匹配题 Obscure helps 模糊的帮助 In an advanced German course one time, 有一次一个高级德语课 there was a dog's name that was really actually important for the plot 有一只狗的名字十分的重要 it was a short novel, a novella called 'The blonde Ekberet', 是个短小说 叫做 "金发Ekberet" the story of blonde Ekberet, 一个金发Ekberet的故事 and in there, there was a dog that's very important 在那里 有只狗很重要 because of the fact that somebody remembered this dog's name 因为事实上有人记得这只狗的名字 that the female protagonist can never remember and the dog's name was Stromian, 这只狗的名字是Stromian 是女主角永远也记不住的 was crucial for the whole plot development because it provided the turn in the plot 对于整个情节的发展是很残酷的 因为它让情节发生了转变 She went nuts and all this stuff happened 她疯了 这些发生的事 And so I put the dog's name on the test 所以我把这只狗的名字放在考试中 and a bunch of people complained 很多人都抱怨了 And I said it was important 我说这个很重要 And so it became a joke for the next several years whenever I had any of those student in a class, 然后这就变成了个笑话 往后的几年里 只要课堂上有这些学生 If there was ever a dog's name in any work, 如果有功课中有狗的名字 it always became an Id on the test 总是会变成考试的特征 These are all ones you probably know, and it's a nice clean matching 这些应该是你们知道的全部 这是个很不错的匹配 Somebody said before we don't use one thing four times, 有人曾说 我们不会用一样东西四次 And something else, not at all 和其他的东西 Everything is used once 每样东西都是一次性的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536579.html