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美国语文第五册 第212期:波士顿惨案(01)

The evening of the fifth came on. 第五个晚上降临了。 The young moon was shining brightly in a cloudless winter sky, and its light was increased by a new-fallen snow. 冬夜,天上无云,月牙的明亮清辉撒落大地。天,刚下过雪,月光更为清冷亮丽。 Parties of soldiers were driving about the streets, making a parade of valor, challenging resistance, 街上成群的英军士兵耀武扬威,波士顿居民怒火中烧集聚起来,抗议抵制英军, and striking the inhabitants indisCRIminately with sticks or sheathed cutlasses. 不少当地居民不由分说地拿起刀棍参与聚会。 A band, which poured out from Murray's barracks, in Brattle Street, 从布拉特大街穆雷兵营里跑出一群暴徒, armed with clubs, cutlasses, and bayonets, provoked resistance, and a fray ensued. 他们全副武装地配备刺刀、棍棒还有弯刀,激怒了那些参与集聚的抵制者,双方随即发生了殴斗。 Ensign Maul, at the gate of the barrack yard, CRIed to the soldiers: 此刻,在穆雷兵营门口,莫尔少尉正对那些士兵高声叫喊: Turn out, and I will stand by you; kill them; stick them; knock them down; run your bayonets through them. 冲出去!我将和你们一起战斗;杀死这些暴徒,将他们打翻在地,用刺刀挑翻。 One soldier after another leveled a firelock, and threatened to “make a lane” through the crowd. 士兵们逐一校准毛瑟枪,群情激奋地疯狂叫嚣,将在人群中“杀出一条血路”。 Just before nine, as an officer crossed King Street, now State Street, a barber's lad CRIed after him: 眼看快到九点,一位军官穿过国王大街,走到州立大街,一位理发店少年在他身后大声叫喊, There goes a mean fellow who hath not paid my father for dressing his hair; 那个卑鄙的家伙走过来了,他理发没给我爸付钱。 on which, the sentinel stationed at the westerly end of the customhouse, on the corner of King Street and Exchange Lane, left his post, 听到少年的话,守卫在国王大街与皇家兑换巷拐角的海关处西端哨兵离开哨岗, and with his musket gave the boy a stroke on the head, that made him stagger and cry for pain. 用毛瑟枪猛击少年头部,少年踉跄几步,痛苦地叫唤起来。 The street soon became clear, and nobody troubled the sentry, 街道上很快变得空荡无人,没有人去骚扰那位哨兵。 when a party of soldiers issued violently from the main guard, their arms glittering in the moonlight, 突然,一群士兵突然从驻防军总部方向冲过来,手中枪支在月光下发出凛冽寒光, and passed on, hallooing: “Where are they? where are they? Let them come.” 他们一边跑,一边不停高叫,“那些暴徒在哪里?究竟在哪里?让他们站出来。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536576.html