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《美少女的谎言》第03季 第103期:灰姑娘实现愿望

Morning, ladies. This belong to one of you? 早上好 美女们 这是你们的吗 Yeah, that's mine. Thanks. 是我的 谢谢 Sure. Upenn. Who's applying? 不用谢 谁要申请宾州大学 Not me, 'cause I'm going to community college. 不是我 因为我要去社区大学了 She just missed the early admissions deadline. 她错过了第一批招生 Hey, you don't need early admissions. You're a Hastings. 第一批招生对你不重要 你是海斯汀家族的 If I can get in, you can get in. 我都能上 你也能 You went to Upenn? 你在宾州大学读书吗 Okay, dial down the shock. 好的 淡定 No. No, it's just that if you went, 不 如果你在那里念书 then maybe you know somebody that I can talk to about my application, 也许你认识可以帮我申请大学的人 like a dean or a professor-- a janitor, even. 比如院长或教授 甚至门卫也行 Well, there is this party tonight, 今晚有个聚会 some people I haven't seen since high school, 有些人我高中毕业后就没见过了 this guy Steven is supposed to be there. 但有个叫史蒂文的会到场 Last I heard, he got a job 上次我听说 他毕业后 working for admissions after he graduated. 在招生办工作 At Upenn? Yeah. 在宾州大学吗 是的 That is great. That is awesome! 太棒了 棒极了 Can we please go talk to him? 我们能跟他说上话吗 I could just bring my application-- 我可以带上我的申请 I really wasn't planning on going. It's not really my scene. 我真的不打算去 我不太感兴趣 Oh. You're not gonna stop staring at me 我要是不说同意你就一直 like a lost puppy until I say yes, are you? 像个可怜的小猫那样看着我 是吗 Fine. We'll go. 好吧 我们去 Meet me at seven outside the boutique. 七点钟在精品店门口见 Thank you so much. 万分感谢 Okay. Bye, lovely. Thank you! 好 亲爱的 再见 谢谢你 Bye. 再见 Well, look who just got their wish, Cinderella. 看来灰姑娘要实现愿望啦 You're gonna come too, right? Hmm. Negative. 你会一起来的 对吧 不行 I have gotta go talk to Ezra after school. 我放学后要去找以斯拉 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536574.html