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An American university is taking a bold step into the future, and has begun offering the first-ever marijuana-focused degree. 美国一所大学向未来跨出了勇敢的一步,开设了有史以来第一个大麻专业。 The new degree will allow students at Northern Michigan University to get an professional edge as marijuana seems poised to become an explosive industry in the United States. 随着大麻即将成为美国一个规模庞大的产业,这一新学位将给北密歇根大学的学生带来专业优势。 But, administrators there say the four-year medical plant chemistry degree isn't for your stereotypical stoner. 但是该校的管理人员表示,这一四年制的药物种植化学学位并不是像你想象的那样种植大麻。 "Obviously, the programme is new and it might speak to a certain crowd. But, for a student to succeed, they're going to have to be very dedicated and motivated," Brandon Canfield, an associate chemistry professor at the school, told the Detroit Free Press. "This is not an easy programme. It's a really intense biology chemistry programme." 该校的副教授布兰登·坎菲尔德向《底特律自由报》透:“显然,这是一门新的学科,它可能会对某些人群产生影响。但对于想要成功的学生来说,他们必须非常富有专注力和机动力。这不是一个简单的学科。这是一个难度非常大的生物化学学科。” Mr Canfield said that students won't be growing marijuana as a part of their degree, but they would be studying similar plants with medicinal value. The programme includes studies in soils, biochemstiry, biology, and biostatistics. 坎菲尔德表示,学生们不会在他们学习期间种植大麻,以作为他们获得学位的一部分,但他们会研究类似具有药用价值的植物,包括进行土壤、生物化学、生物学和生物统计学方面的研究。 More and more states are approving the use of recreational or medical marijuana in recent years, leading to millions of dollars in added tax income for states who have decided to implement more lenient laws. 近年来,美国越来越多的州批准大麻的娱乐使用以及医用,这些已经决定实施更宽松法律的州也因此增加了数百万美元的税收。 In the last election alone, eight states voted to legalise marijuana for one of those uses. 仅在去年美国大选期间,就有8个州趁机公投支持大麻合法化。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536560.html