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我最喜爱的假期 My Favorite Holiday

As a student, I have summer and winter vacation. I will make some plans during that time and enjoy the long holiday. However, my favorite holiday is Mid-autumn festival, though it is just about three days’ off, I enjoy the great moment with my families. 作为一名学生,我有寒暑假。一般这个时候,我都会做一些计划来享受长假。但是我最喜欢的是中秋节,尽管它只有三天的假期,但是我可以跟家人好好的享受这美好的时刻。 Mid-autumn festival is one of Chinese traditional festivals. It has a story about a man and his extraordinary wife. It is said that once there are ten suns and people can’t nearly make a living, so the man who has the great power decides to shot down nine suns. But his wife steals the medicine which can help the man to be stronger. After she eats it, she flies to the moon and live alone. 中秋节是中国的传统节日之一。关于它有一个传说,是一个男人和他不平凡的妻子的故事。据说天上曾经有十个太阳,人们几乎无法生存,所以这个具有神力的男人决定射落九个太阳。但他的妻子偷了那些可以让这个男人变得更强壮的药自己吃了,之后她就飞到月亮上,独自生活了。 This beautiful myth makes Mid-autumn festival meaningful. During the festival, people eat mooncakes, which are very special and delicious for me. I like this festival because I can spend time with my family. In the daytime, we prepare food. When night comes, the whole families sit at the balcony and appreciate the moon. At this moment, we talk happily, which is very unforgettable.  这个美丽的神话使得中秋节变得非常有意义。节日期间,人们吃月饼,这对我来说是很美味的。我喜欢这个节日,因为我可以和我的家人们在一起。我们会在白天准备食物,夜幕降临时,整个家庭都坐在阳台上赏月。此时此刻,我们愉快地交谈着,是多么难忘啊。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/My-Favorite-Holiday.html