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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]UNIT TWO Ken must work harder[00:05.69]Let's read[00:09.85]Ken was in trouble again at school.[00:14.29]He did not do his homework and his teacher was very angry.[00:20.64]"You must do your homework,Ken,"she said.[00:25.36]"The other children do theirs."[00:29.34]"I couldn't do it,"Ken said.[00:33.78]"I didn't understand the question."[00:38.53]"I explained it in class,"Ken's teacher said.[00:43.81]"You must pay more attention."[00:47.57]She wrote a note to Ken's mother.[00:51.93]The note said,"Ken's school work is not good.[00:57.39]He often talks in class and does not pay attention.[01:03.16]He must work harder and he must behave himself at school."[01:09.22]Ken's mother was very upset.[01:13.27]"What am I going to do with you,Ken?" she said.[01:18.45]I've got an idea,Mummy,"Ken said.[01:23.41]"What's that?"[01:26.28]"I can stay at home,"he said.[01:30.72]"Then I shan't get into trouble at school."[01:35.27]Fun time[01:39.50]Look at the signs below.[01:43.13]Take it in turn to match the correct sign to its meaning.[01:48.77]You must not smoke here.[01:53.32]You must not take photos here.[01:58.00]You must not wash this in the washing machine.[02:04.24]You must not touch this.[02:08.89]You must not turn left here.[02:13.75]You must not walk on the grass.[02:17.90]You must not iron this.[02:22.45]Bring your book to the front of the class and point to a sign.[02:28.38]Explain its meanign.[02:31.43]This sign means "No smoking".[02:36.40]Smoking is harmful to your health.[02:40.84]Denis Dragon[02:44.78]What are you reading,Denis?[02:48.54]A letter from my mother.She's not well.[02:54.18]I must go home.[02:57.84]Can I go with you?[03:01.00]No,you must stay here.[03:06.36]Your mother will miss you.[03:10.01]Come back soon,Denis.I'll miss him,but I must be brave.[03:17.38]Words and expressions[03:22.95]attention[03:24.98]n.注意,留心[03:27.02]pay attention[03:29.40]注意[03:31.77]explain[03:34.10]v.解释,说明[03:36.42]behave[03:38.49]v.使举止规矩[03:40.55]behave oneself[03:43.28]使......举止规矩[03:46.01]upset upset/upset[03:50.95]v.使......心烦意乱[03:55.89]do with...[03:57.86]处置......,处理......[03:59.83]get into trouble[04:02.42]遇到麻烦,出事[04:05.00]take photos[04:07.48]拍照[04:09.97]iron[04:11.79]v.熨[04:13.62]No smoking[04:15.96]禁止吸烟[04:18.30]harmful[04:20.27]a.有害的[04:22.24]health[04:23.86]n.健康[04:25.48]camp[04:27.25]n.野营 v.宿营,露营[04:29.01]camping site[04:31.24]宿营地[04:33.48]maze[04:35.45]n.迷宫[04:37.42]rose[04:39.41]n.玫瑰花[04:41.39]daisy[04:43.42]n.雏菊[04:45.44]lily[04:47.27]n.百合花 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536440.html