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美国语文第五册 第210期:考试(06)

Yes, I remember I have, and found the air up there as warm as mustard; 是的,我记得曾经遇见这样的事,我发现天花板上端空气非常热, and when I got down, and bent my head near the floor to pick up something, I found it as cold as could be. 但当我从椅子上下来时,我俯身将头贴近地面去捡地上掉落的东西时,我发现空气实在太凉。 That is ever the case; but I wish you to tell me how the cold air always happens to settle down to the lower part of the room, 情况正是如此,不过,我希望你能告诉我,为什么冷空气总是在房间下端, while the warm air, somehow, at the same time, gets above. 而暖空气总在房间上端? Why, why, heavy things settle down, and the cold air, 哎呀,对,重的东西下沉,比如冷空气, yes, yes, that's it, I am sure—the cold air is heavier, and so settles down, and crowds up the warm air. 不错,不错,就是这样,我相信,冷空气更重,所以它就往下运动,但暖空气相反往上升。 Very good. You then understand that cold air is heavier than the heated air, as that iron is heavier than the water; 太对了,这样,你就明白了冷空气比暖空气重,正如铸铁套比水要重是一个道理。 so now we will go back to the main question—what makes the smoke go upwards? 现在,我们再回到主要问题,烟怎么会上升呢? Oh! I see now as plain as day; the cold air settles down all round, like the iron box, 天呀!我现在太清楚不过了,冷空气聚集下端, and drives up the hot air as fast as the fire heats it, in the middle, like the water; 一旦用火加热,热空气很快上升,就像铸铁套中间的水,将水顶上去; and so the hot air carries the smoke along up with it, just as feathers and things in a whirlwind. 暖空气裹住烟上升,好像旋风中盘旋而上的羽毛和尘埃。 Well! I have found out what makes smoke go up—isn't it curious? 天呀!我终于知道了烟是如何上升的,这该多么奇怪呀! "Done like a philosopher!" CRIed Bunker. “实在不愧是哲学家!”邦克高声叫道, The thing is settled. I will grant that you are a teacher among a thousand. 好了,事情已经完美解决,我真是服了你,你可真是千里挑一的好老师, You can not only think yourself, but can teach others to think; so you may call the position yours as quick as you please. 自己思考不说,还教会他人思考;只要你乐意,你随时可以给自己封上这一光荣称号。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536309.html