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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]UNIT FOUR You should listen more carefully[00:05.80]Let's read[00:10.06]Ken was sitting in a corner of the playground.[00:15.33]He was crying.Anne went up to him.[00:20.58]"What's the matter, Ken?Are you in trouble again?"[00:25.26]It's not fair,"he said,sniffing.[00:31.32]"I can't do anything right."[00:35.87]"Who's complaining about you now?"Anne asked.[00:41.20]"My teacher."[00:44.46]"You should work harder,Ken.Then she won't complain."[00:50.91]"I didn't understand the lesson."he explained.[00:56.48]"Then you should listen more carefully,"Anne said.[01:02.72]Ken stopped crying and dried his eyes with his handkerchief.[01:08.57]After lunch,Anne saw his in the playground.[01:13.72]He was crying again."Now what's the matter?"[01:19.67]"I did my best,"he said.[01:24.11]"I listened carefully and I got all my sums right.[01:30.17]Then I knocked over a bottle of ink."[01:34.54]He showed her his hands.[01:38.01]There was ink all over them.[01:42.09]Anne shook her head."Poor Ken,"she said.[01:48.02]"You really can't doanything right."She smiled.[01:53.66]"You shouldn't cry,"she said.[01:57.92]"Come on.Get up.First, we'll wash your hands.Then we'll see your teacher."[02:06.75]"What are we going to do?"asked Ken.[02:11.40]"You can apologize to her and do your sums again."[02:16.67]Fun time[02:20.43]Take it in turn to match the statements in A and B.[02:26.00]A:You should work hard.[02:30.44]You should eat less.[02:33.78]You should get to school early.[02:37.62]You should be tidy.[02:40.99]You should be kind.[02:45.04]You should wear clean clothes.[02:48.99]You should behave yourself.[02:52.54]You should pay attention in class.[02:56.59]B:You should not eat too much.[03:01.55]You should not be lazy.[03:05.08]You should not be cruel.[03:08.71]You should not wear dirty clothes.[03:12.76]You should not talk in class.[03:17.12]You should not be naughty.[03:20.67]You should not be untidy.[03:24.43]Benny,you should work hard.[03:28.82]I agree.I shouldn't be lazy.[03:33.68]Jane,you should eat less.[03:38.04]I agree.I shouldn't eat too much.[03:43.19]Denis Dragon[03:47.27]What's the matter,Denis?[03:50.74]I've got a stomach-ache.[03:54.68]You shouldn't eat so much.[03:58.65]I didn't eat a lot.[04:02.49]Then you shouldn't eat so quickly.[04:06.75]I was hungry.[04:09.81]And now you're sick.[04:13.15]Should I see a doctor?[04:16.68]Where can I find a dragon doctor,Denis?[04:21.64]A poem[04:25.27]Oh dear,what should I do?[04:30.52]I tread in a puddle,And there's hole in my shoe.[04:37.00]Oh dear,what should I say?[04:41.97]I spend all my money,And there's my bus fare still to pay.[04:48.73]Oh dear,where should I go?[04:53.69]I'm tired of walking all the time.[04:58.37]And there's a blister on my toe.[05:03.41]The answers,you know, are easy.[05:07.88]You should be careful what you do.[05:12.32]Words and expressions[05:15.98]fair[05:17.90]a.公平的;合理的[05:19.82]sniff[05:21.59]v.以鼻吸气[05:23.37]complain[05:25.66]v.抱怨[05:27.94]dry[05:29.97]v.把......弄干[05:31.99]exclaim[05:34.33]v.呼喊;惊叫;大声说[05:36.67]do one's best[05:39.04]尽某人的努力[05:41.42]knock[05:43.09]v.碰撞;敲,击,打[05:44.76]knock over[05:47.00]碰翻,碰倒[05:49.23]ink[05:50.85]n.墨水[05:52.47]should[05:54.30]aux.v.应该[05:56.13]come on[05:58.01]快;赶快;来吧[05:59.89]apologize[06:02.11]v.道歉,认错[06:04.33]obey[06:06.21]v.服从,听从[06:08.09]traffic[06:09.82]n.交通[06:11.54]signal[06:13.42]n.信号[06:15.30]zebra[06:18.68]n.斑马[06:22.07]zebra crossing[06:24.99]斑马线[06:27.92]chase[06:29.69]v.追逐[06:31.47]stomach-ache[06:33.85]n.胃痛[06:36.23]tread (trod,trodden)[06:40.40]v.踩,踏[06:44.58]fare[06:46.32]n.车费;船费[06:48.06]blister[06:51.02]n.水疱 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180211/536154.html