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美国语文第五册 第209期:考试(05)

"Why, the cart box, to be sure," replied the boy, taking the cup, half-filled with water, in one hand, and the hollow iron in the other. “当然那只铸铁工具套重。”一只手拿着盛了一半水的锌制杯,另一只手拿着铸铁套的孩子回答。 "Then you think this iron is heavier than as much water as would fill the place of it, do you?" resumed Locke. “你是觉得这只铸铁套比占有相同体积水的锌制杯要重,是吗?”洛克接着问。 "Why, yes, as heavy again, and more too—I know it is," promptly said the boy. “是呀,再掂一下,还是觉得这只铸铁套重些。”那孩子迅速答道。 "Well, sir, now mark what I do," 很好,孩子,现在记住我所做的,” proceeded the former, dropping into the cup the iron box, through the hollow of which the water instantly rose to the brim of the vessel. 洛克走上前,将铸铁套放入锌制杯,水立即从孔洞升到杯子边沿。 There, you saw that water rise to the top of the cup, did you? Yes, I did. 瞧!你看见水升到杯沿,是吗?是的。 Very well, what caused it to do so? 很好,水怎么会涨起来? Why, I know well enough, if I could only think: why, it is because the iron is the heavier, 好的,如果我仅仅这么想,我就会相当清楚明白,这是因为铁更重, and as it comes all around the water so it can't get away sideways, it is forced up. 当铸铁套放进锌制杯里,水无法从铸铁套周围侧面流出,只有从顶部溢出。 That is right; and now I want you to tell what makes that smoke rise up the chimney. 不错,好了,我现在想让你说说,烟囱里的烟如何冒出来的? "Why,—I guess," replied the boy, hesitating, "I guess,—I guess I don't know." “哎呀,让我猜猜,”孩子犹豫了片刻,接着说,“我猜——我猜猜,我不知道。” Did you ever get up in a chair to look on some high shelf, 你曾经站立椅子上,想要查看高处架子什么的, so that your head was brought near the ceiling of a heated room, in winter? 这样的话,你的头就得昂起靠近冬天暖气房间的天花板, and did you notice any difference between the air up there and the air near the floor? 你曾经关注到天花板上端气流与地面气流有什么区别吗? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180211/536024.html