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美国语文第五册 第208期:考试(04)

That, sir, is the true philosophy of the case, you may depend upon it. 先生,这就是此事的真正原因,你当然可以相信。 But we will now drop the discussion of these matters; 不过,此刻我们还是别再继续讨论这一话题, for I am abundantly satisfied that you have not only knowledge enough, but that you can think for yourself. 因为我对你的解释已经相当满意。你不仅具有丰富的知识,更拥有独立思考的能力。 And now, sir, all I wish to know further about you is, whether you can teach others to think, which is half the battle with a teacher. 好了,先生,我希望进一步了解的是,你是否有能力教会他人思考,那是教师职业的另一半基本功。 But as I have had an eye on this point, while attending to the others, 至于如何关注受教育者,我一直对此进行研究, probably one experiment, which I will ask you to make on one of the boys here, will be all I shall want. 因此,是否我可以要求你能与孩子互动,不妨做次实验证明。 "Proceed, sir," said the other. “好吧,朋友。”洛克回答。 “Ay, sir,” rejoined Bunker, turning to the open fireplace, in which the burning wood was sending up a column of smoke, “很好,先生,”邦克接着说,转身走向房间内打开的壁炉,火炉里的燃烧木块冒出一柱浓烟, there, you see that smoke rising, don't you? 你看见升起的浓烟吗? Well, you and I know the, reason why smoke goes upward, but my youngest boy does not, I think. 你我两人都清楚烟为什么上升,但我觉得,我的最小的孩子不会明白, Now take your own way, and see if you can make him understand it. 不妨采用你自己的方式,看看能否让他弄清来龙去脉。 Locke, after a moment's reflection, and a glance round the room for something to serve for apparatus, 沉思片刻,环顾房间四周想找点东西帮助解释, took from a shelf, where he had espied a number of articles, the smallest of a set of cast-iron cart boxes, 洛克突然瞥见架子上有套工具,那是一套小型铸铁手推车工具套, as are usually termed the round hollow tubes in which the axletree of a carriage turns. 通常称作的圆形空心管,车轮轮轴可置入进行转动。 Then selecting a tin cup that would just take in the box, and turning into the cup as much water as he judged, with the box, would fill it, 洛克将其取下,再挑选一个锌制杯,锌杯大小恰好可将那件工具套放入,然后小心地将铸铁工具套能装的相同容积的水注入锌制杯内, he presented them separately to the boy, and said, “There, my lad, tell me which of these is the heavier.” 再拿过铸铁工具套,分别递给孩子后询问,“好了,孩子,请告诉我,哪一个杯子更重?” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180211/536023.html