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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]UNIT SIX He gave the money to the Project of Hope[00:06.48]Let's read[00:10.74]"Many children in the rural areas can't go to school.[00:17.29]Let's join the Walk for Millions.It's for the Project of Hope,"Peter said.[00:25.84]"A lot of people will sponsor us![00:30.59]"How much shall we ask people to give us?"Anne wanted to know.[00:37.25]"How about one yuan a mile?"Peter said.[00:43.49]"The walk is only five miles.Our sponsors need to give us only five yuan."[00:51.36]"One yuan is too little,"Sue said,[00:56.40]"Let's make it two yuan a mile."[01:01.05]The children argued about this for a while.[01:05.49]Then Peter had a good idea.[01:09.75]"Different people can sponsor different amounts,"he said.[01:15.70]"Our rich friends can give us five yuan a mile.[01:20.67]Our poorer friends can give us one yuan a mile."[01:26.02]The children spoke to all their friends and relatives.[01:31.27]Their sponsors promised them a total of five hundred yuan.[01:37.44]On the day of the walk,the sun shone brightly.[01:44.20]There were heousands of people.[01:48.25]There were old people, mothers with babies,[01:53.82]students,teachers,nurses,office workers and other people from all over Shenzhen.[02:03.25]When the walk was over,everyone felt happy and pleased with themselves.[02:10.40]Peter was very proud of himself.[02:14.77]He gave the five hundred yuan to the Project of Hope.[02:20.20]Fun time[02:24.93]In turn,ask and answer questions about birthday,Christmas and New Year Presents.[02:34.80]Benny,what did your mother give you on your birthday?[02:41.15]She gave me a book on my birthday.[02:45.83]Jane,what did you give Tony for a New Year present?[02:51.57]I gave him a new toy.[02:55.54]Denis Dragon[02:59.91]That old man looks very unhappy.[03:04.95]Yes.He lost his money and can't buy a ticket to go home.[03:12.08]Can you give him some help?[03:15.74]I've only got two yuan.[03:19.81]Give them to him.[03:23.15]It's all my money.[03:27.28]You don't need money,Tim.[03:31.04]You've got me.[03:34.28]A poem[03:38.54]sister[03:41.60]Tell me a story![03:45.85]Lend me your book![03:49.51]Let me come into your room,[03:52.99]I shan't mess it up.[03:56.23]So please say I can.[03:59.88]When?When?when?[04:03.83]Lend me your car,Your truck and your glue.[04:08.79]Give me your sweets,I'll be good to you.[04:13.23]You know you should share and give things to me.[04:17.78]Please,give them now or I'll tell Mum![04:22.64]Please lend me your bike I'll be careful this time.[04:28.20]I'll keep out of the mud and the snow.[04:32.56]Can I borrow your hat the one Mum gave you?said my sister.[04:39.12]And I said,'No!'[04:43.56]Words and expressions[04:47.22]project[04:49.44]n.工程;方案[04:51.66]hope[04:53.38]n.&v.希望[04:55.11]the Project of Hope[04:57.89]希望工程[05:00.67]rural[05:02.75]a.乡村的,农村的[05:04.82]area[05:06.76]n.地区;区域[05:08.69]sponsor[05:10.61]n.&v.出资者,赞助人;做...出资者[05:12.53]million[05:14.71]num.百万;百万个[05:16.89]mile[05:18.43]n.英里[05:19.97]argue[05:21.91]v.辨论,争论[05:23.84]promise[05:25.72]v.允诺,答应[05:27.60]total[05:29.43]n.总数,总额[05:31.26]thousand[05:33.39]num.千,千个[05:35.52]shine,shone,shone[05:39.29]v.照;照耀[05:43.07]over[05:45.44]ad.结束,完了prep.在...上方;越过;遍及[05:47.82]feel happy(pleased) with..[05:52.65]对......感到高兴[05:57.49]poem[05:59.82]n.诗;韵文[06:02.16]lend,lent,lent[06:06.73]v.把......借给[06:11.30]mess up[06:13.68]弄糟,搞乱,弄脏[06:16.06]truck[06:18.40]n.卡车[06:20.73]glue[06:22.65]n.胶;胶水[06:24.57]share[06:26.65]v.均分;分享;共同具有[06:28.73]keep out of[06:31.30]不卷入,避开 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180210/535876.html