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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]UNIT SEVEN Revision[00:04.49]Sentence patterns[00:09.53]I may go home early.[00:13.37]He may play football tomorrow.[00:17.61]They may be sailors.[00:22.57]You must not eat more.[00:27.61]He must not go home.[00:31.58]They should not sit there.[00:35.84]What should they do?[00:39.78]My father made me have piano lessons.[00:45.24]My father let me join the Young Pioneers.[00:50.60]We help him go to school.[00:54.96]We need a tent to sleep in.[00:59.64]I need a kettle to boil water.[01:04.68]You need a tent to sleep in.[01:09.67]He needs a kettle to boil water.[01:14.71]He gave me a book.[01:18.47]You gave him some money.[01:22.31]They gave them the tickets.[01:26.44]They gave us some money.[01:30.83]He gave a toy to me.[01:35.19]You gave it to him.[01:40.15]They gave them to us.[01:44.10]Talking[01:48.75]All my sums were wrong.[01:53.01]Did Miss Li make you do them again?[01:57.68]Yes,she did.[02:00.92]Did you get them right?[02:04.68]No,I didn't.[02:08.13]They're very difficult.[02:11.60]I need a calculator to do them.[02:16.15]Have you got one?[02:19.49]No,I haven't.[02:23.33]I can give you mine.[02:26.99]Thank you,Linda.[02:30.36]Are you going to do them tonight?[02:34.20]I may do them tonight,but I may watch television.[02:40.16]Naughty Benny.You should obey your teacher and get your sums right.[02:47.81]Story time[02:52.17]Sometimes the students have a story telling competition.[02:57.95]They bring stories to tell.[03:02.39]Anne often wins the competition.[03:07.43]This is one of her favouritd stories.[03:12.29]A street sweeper loved his daughter very much.[03:18.06]He bought her some honey to eat.[03:22.61]He put it on the table for her.[03:26.97]Then he went out of sweep.[03:31.33]When he was sweeping, some flies ate all the honey.[03:38.10]When he came home,he was very angry.[03:43.14]He went to court to speak to a judge.[03:48.49]"I want you to punish the flies."[03:53.25]"This man is very foolish,"the judge thought.[03:58.89]"I can make a fool of him."He gave the street sweeper his stick.[04:06.02]"Use this to punish the flies,"he said.[04:11.38]"Kill every fly in the country.Don't let a fly escape."[04:17.65]"Yes,sir,"said the street sweeper.[04:22.37]"You can rely on me."At that moment,a fly landed on the judge's head.[04:31.12]"I can use this stick to kill that fly."the sweeper thought.[04:38.20]"Don't touch him,"he said.[04:42.46]"I wanted to make a fool of him,but he has made a fool of me."[04:49.02]Denis Dragon[04:54.48]Denis Dragon has many use for his tail.[05:00.72]He uses it to sweep the floor.[05:04.88]He uses it to hang upside down.[05:09.24]He uses it to play the piano.[05:13.91]He uses it to fight other dragons.[05:18.46]He uses it to keep cool.[05:23.00]He uses it to cover his eyes.[05:27.76]Can you think of any other uses?[05:32.20]A game[05:36.17]Each player writes a sentence on a piece of paper.[05:41.73]Put all the pices of paper in to a box.[05:46.70]What must I do?[05:50.17]You must stand on one leg and count to five.[05:55.81]Words and expressions[05:59.68]calculator[06:02.25]n.计算器;计算者[06:04.83]tonight[06:07.05]n.ad.今晚[06:09.27]competition[06:11.63]n.竞赛,比赛[06:14.00]court[06:16.03]n.法庭[06:18.07]judge[06:20.06]n.法官[06:22.04]punish[06:23.92]v.惩罚[06:25.80]make a fool of sb.[06:29.03]愚弄某人[06:32.25]escape[06:34.44]v.逃脱[06:36.62]guard[06:38.64]n.卫兵 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180210/535875.html